NTI - Nurse Nacole Interview

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    Social media platforms are often used for commentary to the world. Nurses are moving into the world too at a fast pace. Here is one blogger who is making an impact on nursing.

    NTI - Nurse Nacole Interview

    AllNurses recently interviewed Nurse Nacole, a well-known blogger and YouTuber. She is a critical care nurse who makes an impact via social media. She uses Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google and other platforms to get her message across. Her informational blog focuses on clinical tips for the new and experienced RN. Her YouTube channel discusses time management, how to work with a preceptor, and how to collaborate with other staff members.

    Nurse Nacole is an enthusiastic young blogger who is an educated critical care nurse using evidence based practice to spread the word. Nursing is her passion. She relates that NTI is a great conference to network and learn about how other critical care nurses care for patients.

    She is currently furthering her education to provide better care for her critically care ill patients. Nurse Nacole is set to receive her MSN in another year and then plans to pursue her DNP.

    Enthusiasm and up to date info is the hallmark of Nurse Nacole's videos/blogs. Check her out.... AllNurses' Community Manager Mary Watts, RN recently interviewed her.

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  3. by   jeastridge
    Fun to watch! Thanks for sharing.
  4. by   Akay1717
    Definitely inspiring to see a fellow nurse blogging and continuing to make such a difference. You go girl!