Now's Your (Last) Chance!

  1. I previously posted that I've been tasked with telling 1000+ nurse managers "What do nurses really want from their leaders?" at an upcoming conference. I've gotten feedback from some of you, and many, many of my peers at work.

    So, I'm asking one last time - What do you REALLY want from YOUR leaders?

    Consider it an opportunity to anonymously vent your spleen!
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    My immediate leader is awesome- has done our jobs, has no issue pitching in when we're short, and routinely does lunch reliefs.

    The leader above that? Never worked in the OR itself but is the manager of the OR. I would like to see department leaders who have actually worked in the department (not necessarily of the same facility, but that they know what they're leading).

    The higher up leaders? Couldn't point them out to you unless they were wearing name tags with 12" high letters. They never make rounds on the floors to connect with staff. There should be some visibility. They also need to take suggestions seriously. We once sat down in a huge department meeting after some pretty abysmal employee survey results. The higher up "took notes", but then was never heard from again nor did any of the things that needed to be addressed get changed. Follow through would be nice.
  4. by   joanna73
    I would be very pleased if my leaders actually listened to our feedback and suggestions, specifically the higher ups.

    They should all work the floor for 48 hours to really understand the challenges we face. Never mind revising the latest policy.

    Follow through would be great!
  5. by   icuRNmaggie
    We need decent working conditions and that means that management should deal with inappropriate behavior toward the staff quickly and effectively.

    The manager needs to put that patient or visitor on notice that the behavior will result in an appropriate reaction from management including supervised visitation and a report to law enforcement for disorderly conduct.
    Aggression toward HCW is a felony in many states and this must be enforced.
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