Not following hospital protocols

  1. I do follow them.

    I am just wondering what happens if someone does not follow protocol? Is it a legal issue?
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  3. by   NurseCard
    Well, I guess if someone does a procedure or gives a med or whatever and doesn't follow hospital protocols, they can either get suspended or fired depending on what rule was broken, or if a patient is injured because a protocol wasn't followed... well, the fact that protocol wasn't followed sure wouldn't look good in court.

    So yeah, it can be a legal issue.
  4. by   babynurselsa
    If something goes to court, the thing that is looked at on your part is whether you followed the standard of care and your facilities policies and procedures. If you did then your facility will defend you, if you did not they are going to distance themselves from you to shift the blame away from them and onto you. "We had policies in place that met the standard of care, this individual did not follow them, therefore, we cannot be held liable for the actions of the individual...." Get what I mean
  5. by   jo272wv
    We are responsible to follow what a prudent nurse would do, so if you do not follow protocal which have been proven under evidence based practice. If a nurse varies from these protocals they are liable for any legal actions. My instructors in Nursing school gave excellent advise in this area, They told us to do what you learned not what you have seen.