Not a weirdo!

  1. Well, it seems that i have no idea how to use the internet!!
    I am still looking for someone to possibly correspond with me during my duration in the nursing program (this is a project) and if anyone has responded yet, thank you...i'm still trying to find my way around this HUGE site!
    I was wondering if anyone wanted to tell me their embarassing nursing stories and the common stresses that they had in school etc... so if anyone is interested, please e-mail me at


    P.S- I'm not a weirdo!!
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  3. by   sharann
    I don't think you're a weirdo ashleydawn. It's nice that you have the internet to enhance your education! Good luck in school.
  4. by   live4today
    Just wanted to drop by and welcome you aboard here at Allnurses!

    Common stresses I had in nursing school mostly surfaced around my Med/Surg Nursing Professor.....she was the type of person who could make an alligator's skin crawl.

    She was the only nursing professor I had that made me feel that way. It was during my second clinical rotation in the nursing program......which was what most students termed the "weeding out quarter" of the nursing program. :chuckle

    I don't know why she rattled my nerves the most, but after I graduated from college, she was one nursing professor that I have yet to forget......and I graduated in March 1987!

    Some nursing professors will have that affect on you, and others won't even be remembered years later as having such an impact in your life. That particular instructor never smiled, and had a look that would make a patient want to be discharged in a hurry. :chuckle

    My most embarrassing nursing story had to be the time I was learning to spike the IV bag.....only to pull the plug out of the bottom of the IV bag next to the patient's bedside, and the IV fluid spewed out of the bag everywhere.......yepper.....right next to that mean nursing professor I mentioned above. I laughed, the patient nursing professor wasn't laughing. Just call her Nurse Stone Face...:stone

    I wish you well in your nursing career, Ashley! Keep us posted on how you do. We really care around these parts. We may be slow in responding.....or a post may go unnoticed for a time.....but like now.....eventually someone always comes along and notices the ones that have been left out. Don't give up on us. We really really care about our future nurses who are today's students. :kiss
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  5. by   Mkue
    ashleydawn ! Welcome

    I don't have any embarressing stories YET, just a student here too!

  6. by   researchrabbit
    Actually, my stressors in nursing school had little to do with the school and everything to do with events outside of kids, my recent divorce, my bills, my full-time job, my part-time job and an evil exhusband...nursing school was actually an escape in a way. I love learning.

    I had one instructor who gave me a hard time (luckily not my first semester) and that rotation was difficult as a result. I never did figure out why she had it in for me...but it was bad enough that I considered quitting school (soooo glad I didn't!).

    Another student and I DID get stuck in an elevator my first day in nursing school at lunch break (she was claustrophobic...we laid on the floor where it was the coolest and I made her talk about Peru, where she is from). I called on the emergency phone and was VERY insistent that they call our instructor RIGHT AWAY. I got razzed about that all my first rotation (funny!).
  7. by   JonRN
    I was looking for a weirdo, sorry I bothered you.

  8. by   ashleydawn
    I just wanted to thank everyone for the replies!!It's nice knowing that there are other people out there can relate!! Everyone has been so nice, and i fully look forward to getting to know you and telling you about my nursing mishaps...i'm sure there will be many!!
  9. by   sjoe
    So what's wrong with being a weirdo? You make it sound like somethng to avoid! Join the rest of us.
  10. by   Rubyshoes
    You are not a weirdo. School just makes you feel that way. My biggest problem at school was, it seem some of my professors must of been reading a different book than me, when it came to test time. When school gets to hard just remember you have friends you can relate to.
  11. by   ashleydawn
    I fully know what you mean by that....but when we all bomb on a test....we just laugh about it and try harder the next time....of course it's never because we didn't study hard enough...the teacher is always crazy or something...