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Hello everyone! I wanted to get some opinions and suggestions about reducing noise levels during the night shift. What are the main sources of noise for your unit/floor? Was there a... Read More

  1. by   advsmuch08
    Our floor got those Yacker Trackers. The problem is they turn to yellow for other things like the tele beeping or someone sneezing or setting something heavy down on the counter. I haven't seen them turn red yet (on night shift) but someone said the beep it makes is more disruptive than the actual noise. I've heard that these have helped other floors quiet down.
  2. by   agardner2020
    Crazy and Cute RN has it right! Not only am I a nurse but I have been a patient. The only time you can rest is at night because the day is so busy with tests and constant interruptions. There is something else that is forgotten... it's the roommate that is on the phone all night or the TV is loud till 3 AM. There is a lack of common courtesy so I would think the Nurse could point it out with a no non-sense tone. I see nothing wrong with walking up to the TV at after hours and turning it off because the roommate is asleep... If anything is said my reply is "your roommate is asleep, sorry". In closing I would say be aware of the noise and your patients need for rest and be assertive with anyone who needs a reminder that there are others on the planet. Nurses need to stop trying to please everyone... and just do what's right.
  3. by   NicuGal
    Back in the day, the tv's at the hospital I trained at would turn off at 1130 lol

    When I was a patient I just had them close the door, but there was one nurse who was totally obnoxious. I finally got out if bed, walked up to her and said , "Hey, Could you keep it down, I think I have heard the same story for 3 nights, so could you either be quieter or find a new story to tell" lol She shut up.

    I think a little common courtesy goes a long way.