NO LUNCH??? NO BREAKS??? Is that common in nursing????? - page 24

Hi everyone! This topic has been bothering me a lot lately. I would love to know your thoughts and experiences! I am a new RN working on a cardiac unit. Since I have been on this floor, I have... Read More

  1. by   mikala3
    We are assigned a "buddy" at the start of the shift and at shift change we discuss what time we like our's pretty soft schedule, I mean, if I have a patient not doing so great at 1:30, I cant go even if I said I would. I have six patients and my buddy has six, so for the time we are off the floor, we have 12 patients each. We also are pretty good about covering for everyone during that time. If our call bell attendant says a patient wants pain meds, someone will go give them.
  2. by   sistasoul
    Some days it is simply not possible because you are running the whole shift. Also, taking the 30 minutes makes you stay even longer and then you get harrassed about that.
  3. by   Joe V
  4. by   LoveMyRNlife
    Where I work we are supposed to get two 15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch that is unpaid. I can count on one hand the number of times I had a 30 minute lunch break. We are expected to take report, answer our phones, etc through lunch. I have never taken my 15 minute breaks. When you ask some of the charge nurses to cover they make you feel like you are incompetent with your time management or say they are too busy. We are chronically understaffed because people are getting sick or injuring themselves by going like a bat outta h*ll the entire time they are there. This isn't rocket science. If they would treat people like humans and allow them to eat and use the bathroom, they would be amazed at the improved morale and less turnover rate. My facility does not do exit interviews, I wonder why?