No Looting reported in NYC!

  1. There is NO (repeat: No) report on looting. If you are posting a report on this subject, please cite the sources or supply the links!

    The city is calm and sad.
    The city is doing its best to cope with the grave lost of lives.
    We need support and courage.

    Sensationalism is bad taste at a time when so many people are suffering.

    who thinks accurate & responsponsible reporting is part of the job of a nurse
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  3. by   -jt
    The people of NYC are being praised on TV and radio by the Govenor, the Mayor & public officials for their valiant efforts to help, for maintaining the calm, and for the respectful treatment of their fellow NYers. The Mayor went on TV & thanked the people of the city for their behavior & decorum. He specifically said there has been no chaos & no looting. The city is quiet, calm, sad & trying to get back to normal. All NYers should be proud of themselves & their city today.
  4. by   kennedyj
    Thats nice to hear. I think it would be the lowest in one's character to loot at a time like this when everyone needs to pull together as one. I was very impressed at how all the new yorkers and the nation have pulled together for a single purpose. if there was a positive thing that came out of this whole tragedy it is that the nation can pull together in a time of need.
  5. by   eventsnyc

    I totally agree with you.

    Today during the evacuation of my building & the buildings around us, many of the neighbors who usually kept to themselves (like good New Yorkers) held each other's hands and ran. People of different origins, ages and walks of life. Along the way people are checking if each others are OK. They hugged each other. A very moving scene. Right in front of my eyes.

    Life will be different after this grave incident for many of us. It brings us closer as a people. We are a giving and caring people. And we CAN stand together. The rest is not important.

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