no body died so everything is alright!

  1. Lately we have had a series of minor disasters in my area. Gas explosions, electrocutions, car crashes, gun and knife attacks, collaspsing porches and one lady that got attacked with a sickle. When I say minor I mean not worthy of national media attention. In all these instances people have been maimed badly. If they live they will spend years in rehab. Some may even get completely well but most will never be right. Two things stand out in my mind. One, the way the newsmedia seems to make a distinctiion between disasters that result in death and those that don't. Believe me if those six people involved in the explosions and electrical shocks were dead it would be a major news story. However, we all know that in some of these cases the dead are the lucky ones. The other is the way everyone expects the medical establishment to be there in times like this. 24/7 all the people that care for the unfortunates are supposed to be at their post while everyone else works Monday thru Friday 9 to 5 with holidays off. It never enters John Q public's mind that the foundation of the institutions they depend on (mainly the nurses) might not be there for them one of these days. When the reporter says "The victim been take to UPMC or Mercy or West Penn", I get the impression that press and the viewer is taking a lot of granted.:stone
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    VERY GOOD POINTS!!! Oramar, you are so right here. I think we must continue to "toot our own horns" when it comes to educating the public as to what we do. And I am truly sorry to hear of the horrible events you have witnessed of late. What awful news!

    I just hope (like many of us, I am sure), when my family or I need care in the event of a personal disaster or accident, we have good nurses to turn to in our hour of need. It remains in question for the future and must not be taken for granted! Take care.
  4. by   colleen10
    Hi Oramar,

    I too am from Pittsburgh and I just wanted to say that News Media, whether it be T.V., Newspaper, magazine, or radio revolves around one thing......... money.

    It's just like any other business. They sell the stories that will get the most viewers so that they can charge the most for advertisements. Which stories get the most viewers? The ones that are most sensationalized by the media. The bigger, juicier, grisslier the story, the better for the media. Guess that's why you never hear any "Good News" on T.V. It's always about who killed their child, murdered their spouse, which teacher was accused of molestation, etc.

    Case in Point is the recent storm or "micro-burst" we had in Pittsburgh in which the pavilion/ride at Kennywood came down and a young woman was killed. If you were able to catch any of the T.V. coverage "as it unfolded" did you notice the "leading" questions the on-air reporters were giving people who were at Kennywood that day?

    Reporter: So, you were at Kennywood during the storm. Have you ever been in a storm that bad?

    Person: No, it was a pretty bad storm, the worst I've ever seen.

    Reporter: Well, it was so bad it could have probably been a tornado?

    Person: Well, I've never been in a tornado.

    Reporter: But, it could have been a tornado, right?

    Person: Well, yeah, I guess it could have been a tornado.

    The reporters completely led people on making them think that we had just had a tornado just so they get more viewers.

    Also, there was one reporter who reported that an 8 year old child was killed. She got second hand information and didn't even confirm it before she aired it. And, for those of you not in Pgh. she was completely wrong. Just wanted to be the first one with info.

    Veyr Sad state
  5. by   oramar
    I saw that report about the 8 year old child, that was a disgrace. A lot of people who's children went with friends cause they were working almost died of shock. The only thing I can say is that particular reporter is usually more responsible. I was suprised at her. I think she was being pushed by the station to get the SCOOP. Facts be damned and she gave in to the pressure. I think there is a set of criteria for what stories get on tv and body counts is number one on the list.
  6. by   thisnurse
    im from pittsburgh too....did anyone hear the "tease" the other day about the nursing shortage (channel 11)?
    i was on my comp and just kinda listening thinking...FINALLY...they are going to say SOMETHING about the shortage.
    got off the comp and waited for that story. it was about 1 mn long...they cited the shortage of nurse anesthesists and how someday elective surgery might have to be cancelled. how disappointing
  7. by   oramar
    Oh boy, did Jon Stewart on the Daily show give it to them last night. No exactly the same subject but along those lines. He must have been reading my mind.
  8. by   ERNurse752
    I love Jon Stewart!
  9. by   oramar
    HE mocked the living daylights out of every major talking head in the world for their sensational journalism. He did it with their own words because he showed them saying it. He was brilliant and hysterically funny at the same time. I was cracking up.