NJ child abuse case

  1. I'm sorry this is OT, but I just wanted to see what all the intelligent people here think on this issue.
    If you haven't heard about it, this is the link to the details

    What I am wondering about is that if those 3 children, who's mother went to jail, went to someone else's house March of 2002, why didn't anyone check on what has happened to them?

    This woman (who had a crack habit) "cared" for the kids, kept them locked up, starving, and one of the kids bodies was found stuffed into the plastic storage bin.

    The oldest kids were 7. Didn't the teachers look for them at school? Grandparents, neighbours, anyone?

    On top of that, the authorities knew that the mother had neglected her kids (and this is why she went to jail), so how did child protective services lose track of these kids?

    I have a little boy myself and after I imagined what there poor kids must have went through and how that poor little boy died, my heart ached. How can 3 little boys get lost like that in our world?
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  3. by   NurseDennie
    i was watching the today show - they were interviewing a neighbor and a police woman who had reported/arrested a mother of 2 (aged 3 and 6 i think - certainly about those ages) who had been out of town for three weeks.

    and the reason why? she'd gone to new jersey i think to visit a man she met on the internet!!!!!

    for three weeks!!!!

    a neighbor called the police, i guess yesterday, and told them that he was concerned. he'd heard these kids in the apartment but hadn't seen any sign of the mother for over 2 weeks.

    the monster-mum had bought a plane ticket to visit loverboy, and had told the kids to hide in the back bedroom if anybody came, not to answer the door and she unplugged the phone and told them not to plug it back in unless it was an emergency. she turned off the heat/ac and cancelled the cable to save money.

    she (so-called mum) went to visit this guy, hoping to marry him. it didn't work out, and it was over a week ago -- but she didn't want to pay to change the plane ticket so the kids would be alone one less week!!!!

    the kids had a certain amount of food, but they ran out of milk so they only were able to eat cereal dry.... stuff like that.

    the non-mother came back today or yesterday, i guess. i think the police met her at the airport. the policewoman said that the "mother" would have gotten away with it if the neighbor hadn't called the police.

    there's a lot of stories about women this stupid, this callous, this heinous, atrocious, dangerous, abominable, atrocious, crying, monstrous, scandalous, shocking and selfish.... wtf


  4. by   nessa1982
    Sheesh I cant believe that thier are 2 different women who did this. What is wrong with them??? And what mother would leave their children with that nut (the one in the 1st stroy mentioned, the 2nd was the childrens mother). Those women are just sick. Ohyes in the 1st case the cat was clean and well fed!!!!!!!*****!
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  5. by   BeachNurse
    I was just reading/thinking about this today. Words cannot express how VERY angry I am...
  6. by   RNonsense
    Ditto on what BeachNurse said. Makes me wanna cry....
  7. by   researchrabbit
    Why, oh why do they have children?? They obviously don't want them.
  8. by   sjoe
    "Why, oh why do they have children?? They obviously don't want them."

    From my experience with inmates, it is most unlikely that any of these pregnancies were planned.

    Apparently the biological mother was in jail for assault for several months, which is why her cousin wound up "taking care of" her kids. Then supposedly, after she got out of jail, she didn't know what had happened to her kids or where they were (and apparently didn't waste much of her valuable time looking for them), so they remained in the cousin's loving home. Duh!

    And, of course, with the mother in jail, the kids were the responsibility of the State of New Jersey, which, in turn didn't waste much time seeing that these kids would be taken care of when the mother was jailed, nor following up during her incarceration.

    And, of course, taxpayers don't want to pay higher taxes to reduce the caseloads of child welfare workers so they could actually do their jobs (throughout the US, not just in New Jersey), so the story is anything but unfamiliar.
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  9. by   kimmicoobug
    This just breaks my heart to read about these children. With the first story, was this recently that this happened? With the second story, what was the story with this woman? Was she just ignorant that kids could DIE if left alone for one hour, much less WEEKS!!! Good God, CPS just makes my blood boil....
  10. by   rncountry
    I had heard about this a few days ago. My week has been a very stressful one, work overwhelming, not sure how to get affordable insurance for my parents with dad on diabetes related disability. 2 days ago I got in the car to come home from work and the story was on NPR when I turned the car on. I simply burst out bawling. The child who died was 7, my youngest son is 7 and the thought simply was more than I could take after the week I'd had. I am not one to get emotionally overwrought, but I sat there in my car sobbing, huge gasping sobs.
    I went home and hugged my baby and cried some more.
    The woman who murdered this child and abused the other children was caught a couple days ago. It's an evil thought but I wish she could be locked in a basement and left to starve to death, she deserves as good as she gave.
  11. by   Anagray
    You know what burns me up ( maybe I sound to critical, but I feel I have the right to say this) - while local problems In US (such as overloaded case workers and lack of educational support for the poor and for children with mental difficulties) are just sitting there, getting worse, the government is "helping" other nations.

    I am not a US citizen, but I live like everyone else here - pay taxes, raise my children, etc. When I still lived back home, in the early 90s US gave huge amounts of humanitarian aid to my country - monetary, as well as provisional. The regular people like myself, who had nothing to eat most of the time during those days, haven't seen much of it. In one year my family was given a few cans of food and a few bucks, and we got it only because I lived in the capitol. Other people were given none.
    Most of the money was taken by the thiefs/government and deposited into their swiss acounts.
    Now that I see how hard american people work, how much taxes they pay I feel that the "help" that was given to my country was unjustified and not deserved.

    All of this "help" went to sponsor the families of beurocrats, while american children were and are suffering. Before I came here, I didn't think anything like that COULD POSSIBLY happen in America. In my ex-homeland children die all the time, they get neglected and abused, because there are no laws to protect them.
    We have all the resources in the US to help these kids and to take care of them. SO sad.
  12. by   rncountry
    Anagray, I have a tendency to agree. Problem is the US is damned if we give aide and damned if we don't. If we give aide and it ends up in the bank accounts of despots then it is our fault for allowing that to happen. When we insist on knowing how the money was spent, where it went etc... we are then acting like the bully on the block. If we don't give aide then we are the wealthiest country in the world who obviously does not care about the rest of humanity. No matter what nothing we do or don't do is looked upon kindly. I have the philosophy that you take care of your own before you go out taking care of others. Yet there are also many people here that believe that people should pick themselves up by their bootstraps and get on with life, that it is not up to the government to provide anything for you, or your children. Thus we will continue to have situations like what happened in NJ, and unfortunately every place else as well. This is certainly not the first case in which child protective services have been anything but.
    By the way, do you mind sharing where you are from?
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  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I cannot express in any articulate manner that would not sound like babbling, the anger I feel at cases like this. I will never be able to, I am afraid.