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I work the night shift as a LTC charge nurse. I discovered I love working the night shift, as long as I keep the night shift schedule on my days off. If I try to stay awake during the day, on my... Read More

  1. by   Justhere
    I work 3 twelves in a week usually like work Mon, Tues off Wed,Thur, Frid then work Sat, Sun, off Mon, Tues, work Wed, Thur, then off Fri, Sat & Sun. So I go home on my first day off and sleep until about 12, then up, I'll go to bed when hubby does around 8:30 but I stay up until midnight watching tv, then then I get up at 0600 get kids ready and off to school, kiss hubby bye for work then go back to bed until about 1000 and get up and go to bed at 2200 for that night, then same routine as the day before but I try to sleep til 1200 on the day I go back to work. Once I am up and going I can't seem to lay back down and take a nap, but I can sleep in late.
  2. by   clemmm78
    I do 8-hour nights, usually about three a week now. I try to have as regular a schedule as possible and that is 3 nights on, 2 off, 3 on 6 off. Sometimes, with a fill-in, like I'm doing this week, I'll have only one night off between nights. Those one-nighters, I won't revert to a day schedule, there's no point. But for the six off, I will sleep at night.

    If I'm up all night, I'll quilt, read, watch tv, stuff like that.
  3. by   Jelli_Belli
    When I first started working nights, before I started this school semester, I tried to do the whole staying on the same schedule thing. It did make me feel better physically to stay the same because I get nausea when I switch back and forth, but man, I found myself missing my husband so bad! I would actually CRAVE sleeping by him, as crazy as that sounds.
    Now that I have school days during the week and I work nights on the weekend I have to switch back and forth. Mostly I feel like a zombie when I work anyway. I look forward to going to school because I actually get to feel human for awhile.
  4. by   all4schwa
    Quote from AuntieRN
    I come home from the last shift I work and sleep until 11 then I am up. I go to bed around 1am or so that night and get up the next morning. When it is time to go back to work I usually get up around 8-9 that am and then go back to sleep around noon until 5. Then I am at work for 7pm and start all over again. Because I work 3 12s it is not so hard to flip back around to a "normal" life as long as I am not on one off one etc. this I can not do.

    this is exactly what i do, on the day i go back to work i try to get a lot done in the morning (like cooking food for lunches at work) and then hit the hay from 1-5. I'm very protective of my sleep during this time!!