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"The researchers studied 78,586 women taking part in a long-running program called the Nurses' Health Study. The nurses who worked night shifts at least three times a month for 15 years or more had a... Read More

  1. by   MaggieDRN
    Just love the night shift, cancer or no cancer! Left 20 years of days four years ago to go to the night shift and haven't looked back. Here is my spin on it. If I thrive on nights,feel my best,sleep the best,eat the best I ever have eaten,always feel rested and less stressed I really don't think that is working against me.As a matter of fact I am in a much better mindset than when I worked days and everyone wanted a piece of you and you couldn't even complete a task let alone a thought process before two more people were tugging on your sleeve. When I worked days I was up late and was more sleep deprived on that shift than any night shift. I sleep 8 good sound hours now,wake very rested and perform at peak at work. So I have to say, anything that can make you feel really good emotionally and physically, how can that be so detrimental to your health? I am a firm believer that the mind is a powerful influence on biological processes and if we don't fall for all the negative "surveys and "reports" we would be much better off. When these so-called surveys come out my first question is just what is behind these surveys-big grants,are they biased,etc. Oh yeah, not to mention that in 10 years they will come out with new "survey" saying oooops, remember that survey of 10 years ago-well, it has now been proven that there is no...... I think I would be more worried about the big C if I had stayed on days! MaggieDRN
  2. by   Kateryne
    I, too, work nights, I had a friend that worked nights at the same hospital die a few months ago from colon cancer. She was only 41 years old. There seems to be many health care workers at my hospital that have cancer or some serious illness.
    I do believe that the lack of sleep and messed up scheduling is partly to blame because it just leaves me feeling i am never rested enough. I could sleep all day and still feel tired at night. It's something about knowing that the rest of the world is going to bed, getting nice and cozy beneath their blankets and I am going to work that is unsettling.
    Yes, Its quieter, and I too love the atmosphere at work on nights, but is it worth the constant drain on my body? I dont think so.
    I love evenings. I get to sleep late, and dont have to go to bed early. Plus i have alot of time during the day to run errands that i can't do when i work straight days.
    My ideal job would be 10 am to 6pm, but that isn't going to happen in a hospital setting. Hmm..lets see then there would be 6pm to 2am, and then 2am to 10am.......hey that might not be so bad..smiles...
  3. by   angelbear
    I do believe that working nights is unnatural and probably somewhat detrimental to our health. However I also believe that we can do alot to counter the ill effects. I think to each his or her own. Afterall daytime workers get to much sun and skin cancer night time workers get to little sun and breast or colon cancer. All of these can have high survival rates if caught early. So why not give all nurses free yearly cancer screenings? OH I know I am only dreaming afterall look at the time it is after 4 a.m. but I am night shift even when off it works best for me.
  4. by   rebelwaclause
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  5. by   Burr
    I have been a night shifter for over 20 years. This is even before nursing. When my children were small and I had to work - free babysitting when all my ex had to do was sleep at home. Now it is so that I can give good patient care. No outside interference with paperwork that does not count - because 2 or 3 people receive the same item to do - just busy work.
    Even if it does shorten my life span - working in a better atmosphere is worth the loss of time.
    Hang in there = I am.
  6. by   nursechris1
    So, Night nurses die 7 years earlier, but 7 years earlier than what? If most of your family lives to be 104, would it be so bad to die at 97? I want to live longer than my husband ( so I can be single again Hee Hee), but he smokes, drinks more than me, and just doesnt take care of himself, so he will probably die first. I do want to live long enough to be a pain in the a** to my kids. We have two LPNs who work casual for us, both in their 70s. I sure don't want to still be working at that age. I would like to live long enough to retire and move to the mountains. I guess it depends on how independent I still am, I mean if I am sickly, I dont want to live until I am 90. I worked nights for a short time, and I actually didn't mind it, as I am definitely not a morning person. My ideal job would be to start my day around 10 am and work until 6 or 7.
  7. by   Good_Queen_Bess
    Originally posted by nursechris1
    My ideal job would be to start my day around 10 am and work until 6 or 7.
    My ideal job hours would be get up when I wake up and get in for around 11am, hour break, home at 1pm.
  8. by   mobyrn
    I have been working night shift for almost 16 years and absolutely enjoy it. Interesting to find out the link between cancer and working nights. I have never been a morning person, so it works out for me very well. Initially, I worked 11-7 which worked out fine at that time with my daughter and babysitting. My husband would take her to school in the morning, I would come home, sleep, pick her up, spend time with homework, etc, put her to bed, take a nap and off to work. My daughter is much older now and I have been working 7p-7a for the last 10+ years and it has still worked out well. I am able to come home, get 7-8 hrs of sleep and off to work. I was diagonosed with scleroderma quite afew years ago and have faired very well. I have learned to how to pace myself, making sure not to overstress - which makes working nights much better for me - the stress level is much less than days (at least on the floor I work on). I recently helped out on days one weekend and I can honestly say that I was more worn out when the day was over than when I come home from working nights. As far as living 7 years less, I am considering a career change in the future so hopefulluy this may not be an issue for me.
  9. by   mystc42
    I use to work nightshift and loved it. But I was working third shift on weekends and going to school 1st shift through the week full time. I ended up getting sick for about 5-6 months before they finally took out my gal bladder and now everything is ok, but the Drs told me to stay on 1st or 2nd until everything settled down. I have to say I loved not waking up to an alarm everyday, I don't like this day shift stuff....I mean it has its advantages true, but nothing compared to my night shift peoples! =-)
  10. by   babs_rn
    Originally posted by Good_Queen_Bess
    My ideal job hours would be get up when I wake up and get in for around 11am, hour break, home at 1pm.

    Sign posted outside an antique shop in Statesboro, GA (no joke) HOURS: M-F, 10 - 2. Closed for lunch from 11-12.

    Wish I could make a living doing THAT!!
  11. by   azgirl
    I have worked NOC shift all my life whether in nursing or not. What I cannot do is work days. I'm taking a 7 month course and clinicals and classes will be day shift and I dread it already. I have no life on days. I'm used to going right to bed after working NOC shift and unfortunitely when I work days I need to do the same thing. So family does not see me at all and that starts causing a problem.

    I get out a lot during the day on days off and wonder how that would be any different with day shift. I would drive to work in dark and home in the dark and be inside a hospital the rest of the time.

    My elimination system really gets screwed up working days. It
    is an unnatural time for me.

    The only problem in NOC shift is the stupid neighbors and (friends?) who insist on waking us up because "we never know when you will be sleeping".

    I have worked now for 40 years and only about 6 have been days and that was all together not at one time.
  12. by   HARN
    I am nightshifter, have been since I was 16 yrs old(now 24yr). I work 3 12's now since I became an RN 2+ yr's ago. I like night shift. Like all have said, management is cooler at night, however staffing can be ruff, more unsafe admits (more at one time I mean with less staff). I agree with the guy above 5p-5a would rock, but can't have our cake & eat it to. As far as gaining weight & all the other weird stuff people are mentioning they have been dx with...I have no prob...I exercise outside, eat right (not that others aren't taking care of them selfs- I hope they are)...but I believe to live pretty normal life working nights...I enjoy it....
  13. by   healingtouchRN
    kudos to you, for caring for yourself & enjoying your shift, co-workers. you gotta either love nites or leave 'em. I've been on nites for 1/2 my life, so I'm there!