Night Shift and Phone Calls from Family - Vent - page 3

When I switched jobs at the beginning of November I also switched from days to nights. I have adjusted well and like it for the most part. Unfortunately, my mother has still not figured it out yet.... Read More

  1. by   Dalzac
    I worked Nights for almost 30 yrs. Even being retired now the best sleep I get is between 10 am and 3-4 pm. I still have the ringer off on the bedroom phone. If there is an emergency, someone wil come to the house and wake me. I have stopped many people from calling me when I am asleep with the calls at 3-4 am. Even my own kids and dad. Esp. my dad. Nothing worked better on my daughter because I woke up the new baby twins a couple of times. She was stuck listening to not 1,but2, babies screaming. She never ever called me again in the daytime.
  2. by   squeakykitty
    This is a little off topic but.....What about that nice sweet kitty cat of mine that stands in my doorway an hour or so before I have to wake up and howls because he's lonely and wants someone to pick him up and hug him? (Cat, you could have waited until my alarm went off. )
  3. by   banditrn
    This is how I handled it:

    Of course, I didn't sleep by a phone - but one of my DIL's wanted to borrow my van to go shopping one day - so she sent my son in to wake me up and ask!!:angryfire Well, he knew better, and I could tell he knew he was in trouble.

    The next nite at work, I called their apartment at 4AM - it woke my now exDIL - I asked for my son, when he got on the phone I asked him what they were doing? All in a very pleasent voice, mind you! Learned lated that it woke the baby up and she wouldn't go back to sleep. Teeheehee! My son was apologetic, but the ex was PO'ed!! Don't wake ME up in the middle of my night!