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  1. And they'll keep fighting another 50 years.......
    run solely by LPNs...and who are they fighting against???? Themselves! And you know what??? who cares. I can't even get onto NAPNES website unless I become a member...another joke. It's all about money as usual and where does the money go???? Into some azzes pockets. It's all political bullsh!t!!! Then they wonder why they can't get any members? They don't give a crap about us. I'm sick of the political junk..You want more scope of practice??? Go to school and get the education! It's easier............Will this stir something up? GOOD! I want responses!
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  3. by   Brownms46
    night owl...get your self out from behind that couch...
  4. by   P_RN
    Don't hold back NightOwl....No problem getting into the home pages.

    Everything always boils down to politics, IMHO.
  5. by   night owl
    ....And money!
  6. by   night owl
    Sorry, what I ment to say was NAPNES website has a "Members only" section that you can't even get into unless you're a member. It's under construction anyway and has been for the past two years!!! When I first bought my computer which was two years ago, I went to this website and it was under construction... Half the site is under construction! How long does it take to construct a website??? another 50 years...I guess they're in no big hurry.

    NFLPN has alittle more to their site, even has a discussion board of which 65 whole members are registered. The most they ever had online in one day was 5!
    NFLPN achieves recognition of LP/VN's and advocates the effective utilization in evey type of health care facility....Joke...effective utilization...hmmmmmmm that's why LPN's mostly work in LTC? Some areas recognize us, but not many. I should be able to work in EVERY area to some degree, but facility policies prevent that. It's just a crying shame that we are held back when we could be doing so much more than what we are. Facilities hold us back and more or less force us to go to school to get our degrees. Now most entry levels are at the BSN levels. Pretty soon folks, there will be no more LPN's. I just hope they wait until I retire. So what are these organizations fighting for? Absolutely nothing for absolutely nobody. Unless we put our foots down and start b!tching. Since most LPN's are going on to persue the RN degree and become members of the ANA, what's the point in them fighting for us??? I'm just disgusted with it all and at 47, going back to school is probably a waste of time. Maybe not. The waiting lists are ridiculously long and who's to say I'll get in after waiting 2-3 years. It's all bull-oney. Then to go on and get the cr@p they dish out to Rn's to me is not worth it...It's all so frustrating.
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  7. by   Brownms46
    Do you feel that the Excelsior program isn't an option for you??? I can undestand your frustration night owl.

    I used to frequent the NFLPN a lot back a couple of years ago, But when folks would ask questions directed at those in control of the organization, many times NO ONE would answer it. Like the fact that it takes MONTHS to get your membership card...even after paying with credit card!

    I emailed them once, and NEVER did get a response! They have just this year changed the setup there, and you can't find any posts ealier than when they changed the site. They used to have some regulars on the there...but I don't even see them anymore.
  8. by   LoisJean
    Yup, Brownie--me, too. You and I posted on that site at the same time...remember? I asked specific questions for the 'great leader' to answer and she never did. I emailed privately--never got an answer there either. We need a better mousetrap!
    AND I don't even want to start in about my State association....I quit sending my dues in long ago--what an ineffectual bunch of .....well, never mind.

    Lois Jean
  9. by   night owl
    I'm sure glad that somebody agrees with me. I was beginning to think I was the only wet blanket here.
    Excelsior is soooooo expensive. I worked with a girl who is doing it. She was always sending them thousands of dollars! She says it's geared so that you have to keep taking the courses, Maybe what she really ment was, "I keep failing them so I have to retake them." I don't know. LoisJean and Brownie, are you going back to school? Ever thought about it? The idea keeps haunting me. I would love to but I'm not sure I'd do well after being out of school for, well since '77. WOW, 26 years!!!!!! It would be difficult to get back into the swing of things, and they love to eliminate people. I'd probably be the first to go, maybe not. I guess it depends how badly you want it and I'm not sure I want it that badly.
  10. by   Brownms46
    I KNEW your name looked familiar!!!!!! I just couldn't for the life of me figure out where from!!! YES...I remember now!

    LOL...I agree Lois Jean...nevermind...:chuckle!
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    I know of many, many LPNS who went this route, and now I was told they have a new payment plan, plus lots of grant and scholarship help.

    No I have never considered it, but I'm taking a online course in Medical Administration. When I stop traveling, I want to do contract or consulting work in this area. The guy I have dating for constantly pushing me to go into business for myself. He left Microsoft two years ago, and has been doing contract work under his own company. He used to contract to mircosoft thru an agency.

    Now he contracts himself to microsoft thru his own company. He also teaches a course he developed himself, and will soon be placing his course onine. It took him sending out hundreds of letters seeking work, but he pulled it off. He was 48 when he started his own he hated the 9=5 world and having others enjoy the fruits of his labor!

    But I have about zero knowledge about the business world now that I have been in nursing so long. But I started out in the business world in another life, and I was VERY good at it, I don't say so myself...:chuckle.

    I would like to assist in contracts negotiations, and assisting with writing grants...etc. So no...going back to school to just do more of the same...just doesn't appeal to me.

    But you know what night owl, I know people who have been out of school even longer than you, and have done well. I think the more the desire grows in you, the more you will be driven to do something about that desire. I totally believe you have more knowledge than yourself probably even realizes.

    But you know...if you don't start, you'll never finish, and my mother always said...nothing beats a failure but a try. And you can't ever fail, if you never try anything. So give it a try...maybe a a time. You might be surprised where it takes you. And NO you're DEFINITELY NOT a wet blanket. If you continue to wait to deal with your will only get worse. If you want....I will be glad to be your own personal cheering squad...:chuckle. Just give it a try...what do you have to lose???
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  12. by   LoisJean
    Hey, Brownie! When you get ready to go solo let me know--I've been operating my own business for almost 8 years now and let me tell you, girl, it's far better than working for any employer. Your man is so right on: when I was working for agencies they charged the client $110.00 for my one hour visit-guess how much of that I got-- $18.00!! One day I basically said, "screw it" and decided to go independent. Best thing I ever did. Check into the Nursing Entrepreneur area of this Board--tell us all about what you're thinking of doing--you'll get some great feedback.

    You got what it takes--I hope you go for it soon.

    Lois Jean
  13. by   Babe
    Night Owl,Get in school just as fast as you can! I,m 53 and will be in my second semester this Jan. (failed the last time trying to take to many classes) thank goodness when I go back I'll only have my nursing classes to deal with!!!! Get in there and get all your other class work out of the way and then go for your RN classes. You'll have lots going for you already being an LPN , I started from nothing. One word of warning , we had lots of LPNs not make it because they figured they knew it all and found no need to study, bad mistake!!!!! Nursing theory is like nothing you've ever seen before, go in with your head held high but your nose in the books 100%. You'll make a great RN as you've already paid your dues so to speak! You already know the ropes and you know what changes need to be made. Lots of luck to you! Hey a little over a year ago I had never even used one of these computors. Still not very good and slow as Christmas but what the heck I'm getting there and so will you!!
  14. by   Christian Nurse
    Sorry I'm a little off, but what is NAPNES?