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Hi from a Nurse who was licensed originally at age 19 1/2 . I started out as a LPN and went back a couple of years later and became a RN. I have worked critical care 25 out of 28 years and had done... Read More

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    Quote from LadyNASDAQ
    Hi from a Nurse who was licensed originally at age 19 1/2 . I started out as a LPN and went back a couple of years later and became a RN. I have worked critical care 25 out of 28 years and had done Med Surg and Tele prior. I have worked as a Charge Nurse, an Assistant Head Nurse and also have done this contracted as local agency and as a traveler. I've also done hemo and peritoneal dialysis. Yes, lots of experience and work in multiple States.

    I just read a post that has my teeth gnashing!!! How dare anyone ever put down a student Nurse or a newbie Nurse about views and thoughts. I encourage everyone whether they have more years and experience than I do vs a person who hasn't even entered the Nursing program of your choice to voice whatever is in your heart. You have every right to question, ask and criticize ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING happening in Nursing today. The power playing is so stupid and so nasty. Yet, it doesn't stop! I have always been cautious never to put someone down or to make anyone feel insecure or be cruel towards anyone even though I knew that that person wasn't correct. There are ways to be kind and ways to say things without tearing someone down and making them feel worthless or a moron.

    There is a saying that Nurses eat their young and they do. The problem is that there still is some kind of power trip and be aware that you need to know that years ago this was acceptable. Nowadays this is behavior you can report. I just saw a poster's thread that told me oh no, we even have this here on AllNurses? Don't believe that every seasoned Nurse is out to get you. In fact, I would be the first to encourage any thoughts, comments and discussions to be aimed at seasoned Nurses that care. There are meanies in every profession but as for me, I'm looking to help and encourage you to stay in this profession and fall in love with it like I have.

    One thing that has worked for me is this...ask questions, period! I'll always answer respectfully.

    Ditto! We must NEVER forget what it felt like to be new. We once were in their shoes and we need to support each other.
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    Question, as a newbie RN I struggle with paperwork, any tips on organizing the day would be really helpful to me - I keep trying to get with people and follow their examples but it still seems like I end up leaving somthing undone.
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    Quote from Tweety
    I think it's a good thing to stop and take notice how we behave. I think sometimes that both sides miss the point. Students miss the point with the "wait until your a nurse" and older nurses miss the opportunity for diaglogue with fresh ideas.

    I agree, students and anyone have the right to say and criticize exactly when and where they choose, as long as it's done respectfully and within the terms of service.

    Anytime an opinion or criticism is expressed however, one must also accept that one might be criticized or have an opposite opinion given in return.

    Mutual respect is the key.

    It also helps to keep things in perspective. Out of tens and thousands of posts and tens and thousands of members it's not worth gnashing your teeth over a few, or judging an entire message board on what is a relatively small percentage of posts.

    Nor is it fair to generalize that nurses eat their young. I completely disagree with this generalization. I've expressed that before in the "nurses eat their young" threads and will not belabor the point.
    I agree - I'm "only" a student, but I've got an awful lot of life experience, and I doubt that nursing is any different in this respect: set yourself up with a stereotype and you just might be setting yourself up with a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Just my little opinion.