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Hi everyone! I just recently switched from working 40 hour straight PM shifts for the past six months. I am now working WE program, Sat/Sun 7:00-7:30am and am suffering terribly. One of the... Read More

  1. by   Scraggles
    I worked and:redpinkhe LOVED the 7p-7a shift, for 10 yrs, 3 shifts one wk and 4 shifts the next, in a Cardiology Step down unit ratio 3-6 pts/ nurse, at Duke Med Ctr. We had so much more autonomy and garnered more respect by the Docs than the day shifters. I guess I was one of those night nurses that belonged to that quirkey group of people that thrived on that type of constant sleep deprivation.We were a tight knit team work, hard working group of ladies. I don't recall any transistion issues I had however that was 10 yrs ago. Now working in Specialty Rx sales for 5 yrs and enjoy it very much. I'm too old to ever think of working hospital based shift hours again but admire those that can and do into their 40's. I could understand if you are older there would be more challenging issues with night shift hours. Good luck with the transistion.
  2. by   angelfaceLPN
    I tried a position like yours before and it literally made me sick to the point that I had to quit because I couldn't take it anymore. I am a bipolar person and major changes like that are absolutely miserable for me. I have to stick to a routine and slowly readjust my self to do different schedules. Good luck to you!
  3. by   Midwest4me
    Quote from PennyNickelDime_RN
    Another question about NOC's. Are you bored d/t patients sleeping and nothing to do? It is driving me insane.
    Yes, I DO get bored; most of the pts are sleeping but we do have 2-4 who get up, wander around for several hours, sit and play games or work puzzles. To alleviate my boredom I get on the internet, look up various topics on webmd, chat with a sister who also works noc shift, read, etc.