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    I am a new district nurse for the school district and cover both elementary and middle school sites. I need a little direction as I am all alone and have had little to no training. I have a new student who requires a wheelchair at school along with assistance toileting q2-3 hours. I have toileting orders from the physician, but no orders to specific physical limitations. Per parent, student can not push wheelchair on her own and needs assistance. She can stand, Bear weight and walk as tolerated. My big question is where to go with assistance. My school site does not have the staff to help with an aide at this time and because I have no physician orders as to what I need specifically for the wheelchair I cannot very well ask for a 1:1 aide. (I have and have been turned down without the order). How can I best guide my administrator in this matter and what can I suggest? I'm at a loss.
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    Welcome to the will need a note from the physician to excuse the student from fulfilling any part of the required curriculum. The student may qualify for special ed under "Other Health Impairment" with the MD note/explanation/order. The student would qualify for a 504 for sure. It's easy enough to get a buddy to push the wheelchair. Good Luck! keep us informed.
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    Is this one of your elementary or middle school students? I would have the parent come in and have you walk through the expectations and then empower them to realistic limitations without additional medical orders and at the least 504.