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  1. Hi, I just passed NCLEX and am very grateful. I want to ask your suggestions about job search in Los Angeles, CA. What do I need to get into a preceptorship in a hospital...resume? I'm interested in NICU, ICU, OR. I appreciate any tips. Thanks a lot!

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    Its a good idea to start out with in a less specialized place to get comfortable being an RN & learning to put what school taught you into practice before going into a higher-stress specialty. Maybe a position on a regular pediatrics or a mother/baby unit would be a good place to get your foundation, learn organziation & managing pts. Then once you master the basics of caring for babies, transfer to the NICU. You'll have a better chance of getting the position if you have some related experince caring for babies. If you want to work with adults, speaking as an ICU RN, I honestly believe, youll be shortchanging yourself if you dont first allow yourself a solid med-surg background & working fundamentals on a med-surg unit before going into ICU. It will be easier on you if you have an understanding of & experience in managing med-surg pts first. Maybe you dont need that so much in the OR but its best to ask an OR RN about that. My hospital doesnt hire new grads into the critical care units or NICU but they have hired new grads into the OR once or twice. About job opportunites - check out the American Journal Of Nursing Career Guide Special Issue (Jan 2003) at your local hospital library if you dont have a subscription to AJN. There were some hospitals highlighted in Los Angeles for job opportunities, including a big write-up on available positions at Cedars Sinai.
    Good luck.
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  4. by   fergus51 has links to hospitals in any city in the US and you can get the info to contact their HR departments or browse jobs online.
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    Congratulations on pasing your exam. As jt suggested, aquiring skills in med-surg would be very helpful prior to entering an ICU or an OR.
    If you think you may wish to work in the perioperative setting, try to find a periop. program in your area. This will be very helpful especially if you haven't been exposed to much OR nursing in school. Some colleges offer a certificate program. Some hospitals also offer training programs with the understanding you will remain in the department for a specified amout of time, say 3 years. , the official website for perioperative nursing may also offer some direction.

    Good luck,
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    I'd pick up a copy of the Sunday LA Times at an international newsstand near you, or at your local library, check out the healthcare and nursing classified ads.

    You will note on those same pages, display ads by several LA area hospitals, some of which are presently looking for new grads and have new grad programs--of course, in med-surg, which is where you will likely need to spend a year or so to pick up some basic skills before thinking about intensive care or OR later on.

    IMHO, med-surg is the best place to start.