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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and I have a question and it is my hope someone can give me some feedback. I am about to start nursing school. Nursing has been a desire of mines since I was a teenager, unfortunately I jumped at the first job I could get straight out of high school and ended up working in the communciations industry for 25 years. God has his purpose, and I ended up full circle back at my first love, nursing.

    My question is regarding hiring policies. I am a cancer survivor, I have dealt with ovarian and breast cancer, simultaneously. I am 50 years old now and I was wondering is there a criteria in the hiring practices that would look at health history when evaluating potential employees?? Although I did go through surgery and chemo I am in good physical shape. I work out regularly and my doctors told me that is what assisted me in my progress through the treatments. I was just wondering if that would have an impact on my potential as a candidate??

    This may be a silly question, but it has been bothering me and I just wanted to know if my concerns are warranted. To be honest, even before I was striken, it was my desire to work in oncology. Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide. Have a blessed day!!!
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  3. by   peeweedelivery
    Congratulations to being a survivor and to going back to nursing!! That is awesome!! From what I know, as long as you can physically do your nursing job, there is no problem with past medical history. I would just proceed as though you are at the peak of health and don't look back, just look forward. Your experiences will be choice working in oncology! Good luck to you! I am happy for you!!
  4. by   eagle78
    Thank you so very much. That is what I am hoping, that my experiences will help. I do have a stronger empathy for the patients because I know what it feels like. I just thank God that he not only brought me through but also kept me at peace during the entire ordeal. It is true what the scriptures say that "despair rots the bones".

    Thanks again for your feedback, that means alot to me. Have a blessed day!!
  5. by   eagle78
    I must also say that I had the most wonderful team caring for me. The experience of their care and compassion really reinforced my initial desire to work in oncology and/or hospice. It really made me appriciate how important the team collaboration is in caring for patients. All nurses are great and oncology nurses really reinforced that reality. It is an honor to be able to work with you all, and hopefully if the Lord is willing I will get that opportunity.
  6. by   peeweedelivery
    Many years ago before I became an L&D nurse (now in a midwife program at 44 yrs old) I attended my first birth of a friend who had a still born baby. It was a heart wrenching experience. But I remember how compassionate the nurse was and how she handled that situation. I have always wish I could go back and thank her somehow. Now, fast forward many years and I am a nurse, when I work with patients who have lost their babies (still born or otherwise) I really feel that I can be compassionate on a different level. Having been through that very personal experience gave me something to draw on that some other nurses may not have. All the experiences we are given are given to us to help us grow and learn and understand life and those around us on a different level. Because you have walked the path that so many others are walking and will one day you a unique perspective that they will need to have, they will need someone that can really understand all the feelings and emotions that go along with the challenge of cancer, to them and their famiies. I give you HUGE KUDOS!!! Do it, and don't look back!!

    Best of luck to you, this is an awesome forum with many people who will be your biggest cheerleaders!!

    M in OR
  7. by   PreemieNurse
    Congratulations on your years as a cancer survivor!! That's wonderful!! And kudos for following your dream of becoming a nurse...we need nurses with your dedication~ as for your question...employers are not permitted to ask you about your health issues...just like they can't ask your age or if you plan on having a family (for the younger applicants!)...but as a nurse you will be asked to do a certain amount of lifting, standing, walking etc...and that is part of your job description...that you must be able to do a certain % of all that. I had a severe leg injury in 79 and it took me a long time to recuperate...I couldn't stoop anymore but I could walk and stand and lift over 10 I continued to work as a nurse.
    So you should not have a bit of trouble!! Again, congratulations and best of luck on your nursing journey!!!
  8. by   rkitty198
    Congrats! You are a survior, woman!
    To go through all that you have been through is going to make you one heck of a nurse! I work Oncology and to see what patients go through makes me cry in my car on my way home from work at least once a week. You are so strong!!
    I think you are meant to do something very special in the field of nursing.
    I know I would love for you to come through my computer so I can take you to work with me. I know one patient now that would be so inspired by you.
    Hugs and good luck!
  9. by   eagle78
    I really want to thank all the responders for such wonderful feedback. I am in awe of you all, it will be a pleasure to be part of your group. You guys are what inspired me in the first place. Please, all have a blessed and wonderful week!!!:heartbeat