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So the other day at work one of my co-workers (2 years out of school) was teamed with a nursing student. Now this particular nurse is still somewhat shaky about his skills- good nurse but not super... Read More

  1. by   MN-Nurse
    Quote from All4NursingRN
    Anyway he is management's love puppy (well atleast one mangers') so I guess someone is trying to make him look good.
    Sounds like your co-worker is trying to expand his skills while helping someone else.

    I have been on the floor less than a year and I just finished a 90-hour preceptorship with a BSN student. It went great; we both learned a lot.

    As I was reviewing the preceptorship with her professor, she was surprised to hear how new I was and she told me I would make an excellent nursing instructor.

    To my knowledge, I am not management's love puppy and NO ONE has to make me look good.
  2. by   Purple_Scrubs
    As a senior nursing student, I was precepted by a nurse who had just completed her first year. It was only for one day when my normal preceptor for that rotation was absent, but it ended up being a great opportunity because I got to see her thought process as a new nurse and the resources she used when she was unsure of something. Whereas my normal preceptor would already have known a certain policy, the new nurse showed me where the p&p manual was. Whereas my normal preceptor would have known what to do in certain situations, the new nurse had to consult the charge nurse. It was good to see a similar decision making process to the one that I myself would be making in a few short months.