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  1. I am writing to you all in hope that you can help me out. Since I have started working back in June, I have become a complete slacker when it comes to eating better and working out. My clothes are starting not to fit. I am working 40hrs.... 2 8's and 2 12's....basically all days (only two night rotations a month), and it is every other weekend...the weekends have to be 12's. Anyhow, I am so tired by the end of a shift I just can't bring myself to work out. I also am not such a great cook so my roomate and I end up eating out all the time or getting McDonald's or something else like that. It is really bad. I am also taking a class which meets 7-10 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday so those days if I do a D it is close to impossible to work out. You would think that I would work out on my days off but I find myself sooooo overtired that I wind up sleeping away half the day. Any advice?
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    After work take a brisk 20-30 minute walk and get your roommate to go too. (not as easy to skip out when you have a buddy to go with.) Park your car in a distant parking spot so you have to walk a little further each way. Take the stairs when you have to run to the lab or to the pharmacy( it is usually quicker than the elevators too!) and don't forget..McDonald's has salads and grilled chicken sandwiches now...just skip the fries.

    The main key really is to get out and move, walking will clear the stress of the day, help you relax and give you more energy. I also try and plan a week of meals at a time and do my shopping off of my plan. I make a big salad that will last a few days (it is easy and you do not have to be a chef to make a green salad) it serves as my main dish and I can add meat or a baked potatoe (20 minutes in the microwave) and you have a relatively low fat meal. Go for a walk while the potatoe is cooking. And your class days just choose wisely at the fast food joints.
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    new--Well, what would you advise a patient with this same history to do? Healthful diet, adequate exercise, stresss management, etc.
    Figure that out, then do it yourself!
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