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  1. Hi Everyone, I am a new member. I have been reading discussions from this website for about a year but I just decided to join in. I'm glad I did. I feel I know everyone out there, your discussions have been therapeutic for me. I am a new nurse and am working in the medical/surg floor in Alaska. I love my job! Just wanted to say hi........................... quaking in Alaska!!!!
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    Why are you quaking? I don't get it?

    But anyhoo... WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME!

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    Welcome!! How's nursing in Alaska?? I've ALWAYS wanted to go there! Almost did as a traveler and chickened out! LOL Hope to see you here often!
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    Hi OBNURSE! We are quaking in Alaska because we just had a big earthquake. Big enough to shut down the pipeline for a few days. All's well now.................thanks for asking.
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    Hi! I'm sure they still talk about "The Great Alaskan Earthquake", I believe it was 1964? I was there! My dad was stationed there when I was a kid. The quake didn't bother me, but wrecked my poor moms nerves, and it devastated Anchoridge.

    I remember the first time I saw a cow, I screamed "Dad! Look at those funny looking mooses!".

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    Cool! LasVegasRN, how'd you do that?
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    Welcome RN Always!! Gotta love those quakes!!!
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    Wilkommen, Bien venue, Bienvenido , Welcome. Come on in!!
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