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  1. Hi everyone I am a new memebr as of today. I am trying to figure out this website, and can't seem to watch the video. I have some nursing questions if anyone would like to answer them. I graduated the nursing program in 2005 and started in home health. I was told not to apply at the hospital because I have never worked there, cand because I worked in home health they would look down on it. I am currently looking for a new job. Do you have any suggestions as how to study for the tests that they give? I was never a cna, and that really hurt me because I have a hard time coming up with the answers they want, and I am really nervous. I applied for a rn internship, and at a clinic. I hope to get on at either one. How to you get to chat here?
    Please email me and answer some of my questions
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  3. by   abooker
    Use the chat button/bar/whatever at the very tippy top of the page, not the nursing chat Google ad.

    It says you need to be a registered member for 2 days and have 15 forum posts in order to log into chat. You have 14 to go, so keep on posting. And welcome to!
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    Hey, welcome aboard. As for people telling you not to apply becuse they will look down on you, what if they are wrong? I say it never hurts to apply. If they say no, you tried, but if you do not apply, you'll never know if their answere would have been yes.
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    Didn't you do your clinicals in a hospital? There's your experience...

    Welcome to All Nurses!