New job!

  1. When I first joined about a month ago, I was stressing out about my current job and not knowing if I should find a different one.

    Well, I was hired for a public health nurse position doing Maternity Support Services, Maternal Child Health, and Infant Case Management.

    I started last Tuesday and so far I really like it. I like the environment of the office mostly, since I haven't had a lot of experience doing the home visits I'll actually be doing as my job. My supervisor is awesome. Everyone tells me how kind she is and how she is awesome to work for... or even around. It's one of those offices where you walk into in the morning and everyone says good morning, asks how you are, etc.

    It's really different working in an area where people actually like their jobs and are really willing to support and help the new kid.

    Oh yeah. Working Tuesday-Friday 8-6:30 is also awesome. I was previously working randomy 12hr night shifts.
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  3. by   rn-jane
    Congrats and hope the enjoyment continues for you.
  4. by   hittme123
    May I ask how long you were a nurse before you got the public health nurse position??