New Grad sign-on bonus negotiation - page 2

I am looking for a new grad residency in Seattle and I haven't seen any sign-on bonuses advertised here. Has anyone heard of new grads negotiating for them when they aren't advertised? My best... Read More

  1. by   Angella Walker
    The hospital i just accepted a nurse intern position just offered me a 15,000 bonus. I am still a nursing student. The only thing is that I will have to offer a 2 year commitment with them after graduation (which will be in 1 1/2 years). Sounds like a pretty good deal for me. They also offer tuition reimbursement while I am working there. This is the hospital I wanted to work at. Maybe you should relocate to Wisconsin. They are begging for nurses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW they will reimburse me if I pass my NCLEX-RN provided that I pass.

    Keep Looking!
  2. by   P_RN
    Angela where is this hospital??? I'd be happy for them to push that money off on me too!
  3. by   nimbex
    I couldn't negotiate bonuses, but I hagled until I received a better hourly pay.... try that approach.
  4. by   glow_worm
    The hospital in my area is offering 15K for a 2 yr commitment + $17.50/hr + shift/weekend differentials (up to $10 extra for weekends). Also, NC pays off nursing school loans in their entirety if one agrees to work in this state for every year of aid taken out. It's a great deal.

    But regardless, I'm moving to Seattle simply b/c I would love to live there....
  5. by   MrsK1223
    I always get a little leary when a hospital offers big sign on me thats a red flag that something just ain't right with the facility but I could be wrong. It would be nice to be offered one though. Where I work...they are offering, get this, the nursing students a 2500$ sign on bonus if they agree to stay 6 months and another $2500 for the other 6 months but I had a couple of years experience and wasn't offered anything, no one thats not a student nurse gets offered anything. That makes a lot of sense. Not!
  6. by   Shell7280
    More sign on bonus was actually $4000 AFTER taxes taken out. And so was the bonus for passing boards. And this is in a very prominent hospital in East Texas, but they have to offer bonuses cause they other hospital here does, so who'd chose the one with no bonus?!