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    I am graduating in 8 weeks and I have been offerred a job in an ICU. I currently work at another hospital and some of the ICU nurses here have not been very supportive of my exciting news. I could really use some helpful information and some encouragement. I am definetly taking the job and so are three other new grads - but if there are others who went to ICU straight from college and could offer some support or suggestions - thanks so much in advance -

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  3. by   ERNurse752
    Congratulations on graduating soon, and on getting the job you wanted!
    I'm a new RN (graduated in May) who worked ICU/CICU in school, and I'm in the ER now -- another area some people question having new grads in. I say whatever area you want, go for it. I don't buy into the idea of getting a year of med-surg before doing anything else...I don't think it's bad, but if you know in your heart that you want ICU, there's no point in doing something you won't enjoy. As long as the hospital you'll be working for has a good orientation/preceptor program, you should do great. Twelve weeks seems to be pretty standard in my neck of the woods, and they'll add more time if you or they think you need it.
    It'll be scary for awhile (I still am), but as long as you have good support, everything will work out. Good luck!
  4. by   nilepoc
    After three years of doing what you are facing, I can say with confidence that you should above all be yourself. I started out in a CCU and went on to work in a very busy trauma surgical burn ICU where I am now charge. You can accel at whatever you put your mind to. So go for it.

    As charge, I like to see these qualities in new grads in the ICU. Know your strengths and be very aware of the areas you need to improve in. You should always be inquisitive and possess a strong desire to learn. Confidence is a plus, but only when you know your limits. Always, Always ask questions, I worry more about the nurses that never ask, than I do about the ones that come to me frequently.

    Some people actually prefer to orient new grads to the ICU, as they come in without any irreversable bad habits.
  5. by   st4304
    I started into an ICU after nine months med-surg experience and agree with nilepoc, I had to shed a few bad habits learned on the floor.

    It was several weeks before I could show up to work with dry armpits, but I had great preceptors, asked lots of questions, and, believe it or not, four months later I was second in senority with only one other nurse having been there longer than me (on nights). Doh! Talk about flying by the seat of your pants!!! It was AT LEAST a full year before I was comfortable playing the senior nurse on nightshift. When I would have to float back to my old floor, I was even a much better med-surg nurse (Med-surg nurses: I mean I was a better nurse myself, not meaning better than the med-surg nurses!) I had developed critical thinking skills, which were sorely lacking in my med-surg days.

    Did my med-surg experience help? Yes, in that I learned to organize myself, develop a charting routine, get comfortable with IV sticks (we were not allowed to do this in nursing school), and also to get comfortable delegating orders to LPNs and care partners, (I always wanted to do everything myself at first because I didn't want my LPN to think I was lazy, is that silly or what?) But to be honest, ICU was where I always wanted to be and I think I would have done just as fine starting out there. I say go for it. During your orientation, you'll realize soon enough if that's where you really belong. Good luck!
  6. by   roud123
    What can I do to prepare myself for school?
    Hi everyone,
    I start nursing school in January and I have heard (from other nursing students) that the first term is called the "suicide term". I am wondering if there is anything I can do to prepare myself for this term. When I asked the Dir of Education, she said to take a refresher course on Math. I did that... What else - books, websites, articles, etc - would you suggest?


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