New Checklist to help do your job?

  1. So we were recently discussing on another thread that another thing to do, doesn't make our lives easier... And I made the below comment.

    Difficulties in Patient Care and Identification

    Quote from HeySis
    But if I have to complete one more piece of paper work/screen on the computer... to make my job easier, I think I'll scream!!

    Guess what?? I got back to work after having the long weekend off and... you guessed it, there's a mother piece of paperwork I have to fill out to "prove" i'm filling out my paperwork. I have to write my name and if I or someone else transported my pt (and their name). If I documented my handoff in the computer, made sure I had doctors orders for the floor and discontinued surgeon and anesthesia orders for my unit. Also pt time out and if they had a beta blocker... All stuff you could easily look in the chart and see if it's done... but this is suppose to help me and the next unit make sure it's been done. And if the paper is not complete.. they send it back to you to finish. (Mind they aren't actually looking in the chart to compare and make sure it's been done.)

    So I was wondering what kinds of checklists have you had to deal with... that are suppose to
    increase communication
    make sure everything gets done
    circumvent someone having to open the chart...

    And did any of them actually help?
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  3. by   Double Dunker
    We had a form to fill out to document a 2 person skin assessment had actually been done on admission and documented in the chart. It did actually help to make sure this was getting done so we weren't artificially dinged for "hospital aquired" pressure ulcers. Once the practice was ingrained in the staff and consistently passed on to new employees (took around a year) the extra paper document was discontinued.
  4. by   newmail445
    Eh. Do them initially and when people are satisfied that you're one of the ones that does them, start skipping the unnecessary ones. Build a good reputation initially then ride it out.
  5. by   Meeshie
    Once upon a time our hospital had a paper pre-op check list. All the things you needed to do before the patient went to surgery. It required a second nurse signature on it. Then the system upgraded and we had a checklist in the computer. That's been for at least two years. However, we still have to do both. Why? No clue. The paper one gets tossed after the patient gets back as it's not a legal document. But we still have to fill it out. And will get in trouble if we don't even though the computer one is the same thing (actually it's even longer).