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I have recently taken a position as a clinical resource nurse. I am able to stay at bedside and also teach with the staff. However, along with this job comes many various and sundry different... Read More

  1. by   Dayray
    I once worked on a floor with this system and several nurses were acused of lazyness becuase they took the sensor off and left it at the station. I heard that a few people were talked too about their time in the bathroom.

    One of the hospitals I work at now also has this system and it seem to work pretty well there. You can find any staff memebr by lookin at the screen. You can hit a button to talk to them. A littel green N lights up above the door to the room a nurse is in. I dont know if managment tracks us or not.

    It's not super useful but ever been looking for someone and not able to find them? its kinda nice for that.

    Good and Bad sides too it I do think the bad outweigh the good though and its expensive.