new acuity system

  1. Starting this past Jan. our hospital went to a new acuity system. Instead of being based on how much care is needed per pt is based upon how many pts on the floor. Day shift will have more nurses while night shift have less. In other words, you may get called off or you will have to float to another unit. Well, almost every night I work I end up floating to another unit Like last night...10 were scheduled to work- five of us went to other units to work One night I went to another unit, so they ended up with two techs...I ended up doing most of the work while the other tech talked on the phone I asked several times to help, but he took his time doing other things. At night in this unit, the bed baths are done at night... So, guess who did most of them... ME!!! It happened again last nite!!! I am graduating in May from nursing school... RN... , but I am seriously having my doubts about staying... What would you do?
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  3. by   RN always
    hmm, I dont know. I would need more info on the rationals behind the new acuity system.
  4. by   nursesrthebest
    IMHO it solves the nursing shortage problem at this hospital. If you are not needed on you own floor, you are floated to another one.
  5. by   P_RN
    Having somewhere to work beats getting called off with NO pay or having to take a vacation day. Everywhere I have ever worked day shift had more staff.
  6. by   MelRN13
    The facility that I work in uses a system depending on how many patients are on the floor.

    For example: 12 tele patients, on 7p-7a shift, we are staffed with 2 RNs, 1 LPN, and 2 aides.

    But, if you are having to "float" to other units (5 of you???) it seems like the problem with staffing revolves around the other units not having any "regular" staff.

    I don't think I would like this system-are you unionized???
  7. by   nursesrthebest
    We tried to get unionized, but we failed...