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My clinicals start on June 16. We have no more clinical practice before we start, and I don't really feel I'm ready for this. For example, we had 1 night of blood pressure training, which was... Read More

  1. by   Ms Kylee
    Update: I went to Anatomy tutoring yesterday and only 2 of my other classmates were there. Turns out I'm not the only one who's concerned about not having any more lab time between practicum next weekend and clinicals, and also about not being shown how to do some of the procedures on the list. Our tutor told us to talk to the program director (which she'll probably blow off anyway because she's famous for this) about this. She thinks that maybe we'll be able to get some clinical lab time next week instead of two nights of lectures. One said that most of my classmates are ticked off that we're rushed through lab practice and they're concentrating so much on lectures. 60% of our program is clinical. It just seems like since we're the part time class, nobody really seems to care about us.
  2. by   santhony44
    As others have said, nervous is much preferable to know-it-all.

    Try to practice BP's on people who might be easier to hear on than your friend. Get a good stethoscope, and make sure you've got the bell or diaphragm turned correctly. (Make sure the earpieces are in your ears, too; I've seen people so nervous they forgot to do that!)

    None of us were born nurses. Everybody had a first time sometime.

    (I can still remember my first clinical patient too. A fellow student and I were assigned to him. He was in with CHF and we were both terrified that he was going to overexert himself somehow and die on us! We really were both scared to death; new LPN students with no healthcare experience, period. That was 24 years ago. I have a Master's degree and the last I heard of her she'd made it through her BSN. We made it, you can too!)
  3. by   lizzyberry
    Quote from Kylee45
    My clinicals start on June 16. We have no more clinical practice before we start, and I don't really feel I'm ready for this. For example, we had 1 night of blood pressure training, which was taking a total of 1 blood pressure. I've tried to practice because I've been told that practice will make you better, but, I can't seem to hear the blood running through the arteries. Granted, I'm practicing on a friend who has a history of running low, and even experienced nurses have a hard time getting a pressure from her, but I should be at least hearing something. We've also not practiced giving baths, etc, just reviewing them in our Fundamentals book. Last night, we had catheter lab, and I got to insert a straight one. We weren't even given more than a 5 minute chance to practice, and certainly didn't get to attempt a Foley. A lot of my classmates are CNA's and they are all bragging about how easy clinicals will be and how they can do this stuff iwth their eyes closed, etc. Does anyone have any advice about how I can get over this clincal fear? Thanks! K45
    Why dont you try practicing bp on yourself? That is how I learned I just practiced on myself and my family.
  4. by   GingerSue
    I remember learning to check blood pressure and also practiced
    on family members.

    Just the other day I was in a seniors' building and saw on their bulletin board that student nurses are coming in next week to check BPs if anyone is interested - that would be a way to get lots of practice - go into a seniors building, put up a notice, and people will come.
  5. by   susan.mickey
    Sweetie, I've been pooped on, puked on, peed on. yelled at by patients, nurses and clinical instructors. I've had colostomy bags fall off and run all over the patient and the two of us standing there.

    I held patients when they died and when they were born, when they were all alone and had no one and when they didn't care anymore.

    I laughed at myself so hard I peed my pants (literally!) Yes, I've laughed at patients and my instructors and my fellow classmates. We helped each other and tore into each other and held each other and cried when we had to separate for a new semester.

    None of us knew a darn thing, despite the "training" we had. Every semester we wondered if we could possibly perform the tasks and do the paperwork...mountains of care plans!

    You will never be left alone to perform a task you are not ready to perform. I will give you this advice. Never pretend you know what you are doing just so you won't be embarassed, it can hurt you and the patient. Never let the patient see you scared (keep it inside) because it scares them. ALWAYS ask to do new things and see new things and ALWAYS offer to help the other nurses and aides and be respectful of everyone, including the cleaning staff, the people bringing the trays and aides, etc because they are your greatest resources.

    remember...NONE of us knew anything when we started and we all learn at different paces and we all are offered different opportunities. You will learn on the job!

    Just remember
    1. don't take yourself too seriously, no one else does
    2. trust yourself and the patient will trust you.
    3. Learn how to act like you're not scared.
    4. its okay to laugh with the patient and at yourself...and with the patient at yourself!!!!
    5. Don't forget to eat a light breakfast and lunch!!!!!!

    Passing out, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, sweating, constipation, irritable bowel disease and ulcers are all normal every semester. LOL!

    How do I know all this? I graduated 3 days ago as an RN! yaaaaaay!
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  6. by   SN bbgrl
    Hi Kylee (btw my daughter's name is Kaylie so i like you already ) anyway, my first semester clinicals were not exactly a dream, so i am terrifed next semester i will blow every rule in the book - you know, the dumb ones - check id, check allergies, put guardrails up, ones that are automatic (not to mention blowing the 5 rights) i dont have any advise other than to know its normal and we are all together in this - for better or worse!! Just do your best and what you dont know, ask, look up, and be extra vigilant!!
  7. by   SN bbgrl
    Correction to my post - by "dumb" i didnt by any means imply that these safety rules are dumb, they are the basics that should be ingrained in us so we do them without even having to think about it - those are what i am afraid im going to blow because im so afraid im going to forget a step somewhere along the way.
  8. by   Ms Kylee
    Well, I got 100 on my CPR written test and passed the practical part yesterday, even though I got the "new" dummy who didn't have much practice time and took forever for me to inflate the lungs. Still nervous about the practicum though-- No more lab time, and it counts as half of a test grade in Basic Nursing, which of course is the class that I have the lowest grade point in (91%, which is a B on our school scale).