NeedleStick Website that may be useful to other Nurses?

  1. I was reading my Nursing magazine the other day and came across a small artical about Needlestick injuries. There was a website address that was all about Needles and Needlestick injuries. I thought that it might be useful to post that information that I read on here. In case any Nurses/ other Health Care Professional's want to have a look. Now I havent personally looked at this site so I have no idea what it is like. But if anyone does want to take a look. The web address is:

    For anyone that works with needles this site may be of use to you.
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  3. by   Carer
    Yes the link does work.
  4. by   fiestynurse
    WOW! great website. Thanks Carer!
  5. by   BeachNurse

    This is a more comprehensive website from the CDC that goes more into needlestick injuries. The other site is great for info on safer needle devices.
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    From ANA:

    International Health Care Worker Safety Center at the University of Virginia (EPINET):

    These sites along with the CDC I've been using as chair of my homcare agency's needlestick safety committee, redesigning policy and procedures for prevention bloodborne pathogens exposure. Were down to product trials now. The cost of needle safety syringes is ~$100.00 MORE per box of 100. (OLd BD 3cc-- $33.00; new Monoject 3cc -- 133.00/box).

    Cost of 1 needlestick injury requiring treatment ~$5,000 per year.

    Thanks for sharing!
  7. by   Carer
    FiestyNurse I am glad to see that that Needlestick / Needlestick injuries web site was of use to you. As I say I didnt look at it so I had/ have No idea if it was going to be useful to anyone.
  8. by   nightingale
    Great Info y'all. Love that data Karen - cost of tem versus cost of injury...

    I heard in a meeting that a high number of needlestick injuries are to houskeeping staff.... ewww... sloppy disposals or what?

  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    T/C to Pharmacist @DME co. Clarrified cost of needle safety syringes-> i box of 100 ct =$ 66.00 ( we had benn sent 2 boxes last shipment) STILL better than cost treeting for one yr post injury.