need your help please

  1. Planning on applying for nursing hosp position. Which have a better orientation period? Come on...I know we have some great nurses working in the hospitals out there, what's your opinion and personal exp. I'm leaving LTC and need some guidance., and I know you nurses can help me make a decision since you have the exp. Please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Brownms46
    I think it would depend on where you live, and the hospitals in that area. It would also depend on how much recent hospital experience you have. Some hospitals offer internship programs, and some hospitals will tell you that they will give you x amount of time for orientation, and be lying. So it would depend. Maybe if the BB knew the area you're in, where unit you're looking to work, and your experience would help..
  4. by   Kayzee
    I'm interested in Froedert Hospiatal or St Lukes-med surg. I have been in LTC for 6 years. Thats why I feel its important to have a good long orientatin. I live in Milw, WI. Leaving current job because of no appreciation, no pos. feedback, and now there pushing me off my unit for a new LPN. I am an RN.
  5. by   Brownms46
    Kayzee...sorry to hear this has happened to you, and I totally don't blame you for seeking somewhere that will appreciate your skills, and your education!

    Now...I would seek a hospital that has a good internship program. This is probably the best way you can make sure you get a good oreintation. I know of a nurse who went to a hospital and was promised two weeks orientation. The first nite she was on the unit, she was supposed to be following another nurse. Didn't happen! They had a normal pt. assignment waiting for her, and was totally PO'd when she refused to take it...siting the promise she had been given by the NM. Many nurses also make a contract with the hospital as to how long they will be in orientation, and what this will entail. One nurse had the interviewer put everything they told her in writing! Some people :chuckle at her for doing this....but I thought she was a pretty smart young lady, who had probably dealt with this problem before, and learned a valuable lesson!

    I took a look at Froedert's Website, and they do indeed have an internship program for new grads or RNs wanting to return to acute care. I was impressed by their bonus programs, flexible schedule offers, and benefits.. Also you would have the chance to move into other areas of nursing if you desired!! So if I were you...I would defiintely check them out. Unfortuantely as they're many St. Lukes around the country, I wasn't able to check out their website. But I still think you're in a great area....and should have no problems getting what you want.

    You know this may have been the best thiing that could have happened to you..

    Good Luck..
    There have been times when I saw an ad, and thought about applying for it. But first I emaled the recruiter, and was given a lot of info without even filling out an application. So maybe this might be your move to find out what a hospital will offer,,before wasting your time filling out a lot of papper work...only to find out...what they're offering, and what you want, aren't the same things.

    I sincerely hope you find a positon that suits your needs and all is supportive of your goals..
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  6. by   Kayzee
    Brownms46, thanks so much for your help. I do appreciate it. I'm going to Froedert tom. to turn in my app. Worked tonight and had a terribly busy night. Talked with Care Coordinator about situation. She asked me if I want to stay at this facility after discussing the issues which are too long to get into, but my heart isn't in it now it seems. How can I enjoy my job, and feel worthwhile when I feel so unappreciated. I to think things happen for a reason and i need to make the decisions that feel right for me. Thank you so much.
  7. by   nursejws
    Kayzee, I have been there! Even though I'm not an RN yet, in previous jobs I have felt that way. I actually felt that way at my last job and got so pissed off one day I walked out. My manager told me he didn't have time for me! The supervisor of the department was messing around with a member of her staff. I knew about it, and witnessed first hand their "relationship". Btw, she was married. Our department was split, the manager of the department was who I reported to, and she had 3 people under her that reported to her. Well, she decided to work things out with her husband and string the other guy along. Real nice guy too! I felt like I was in the middle, and told both of them I didn't want to know anything anymore. The supervisor sent me an email, and being the computer literate person I am, told her that at work in email, was not the time nor the place to be discussing this. (I figured we'd go to lunch together one day) She got pissed and started making my life miserable. At first I thought I was just imagining it, but as the days progressed, I definitely felt tension from her. We went to lunch one day, I drove, and she dished some attitude and I went right back at her. I was so mad, and my boss wanted me to talk to her and I wanted to wait until the next day. He pushed and pushed, so I finally went into her office, and tried to figure out the problem. She was smug and said she didn't have a problem with me. I'm frustrated, in tears, and ask her why she's treating me so differently. She had the nerve to tell me not to raise my voice at her. I looked at her in disbelief...I couldn't believe what she had just said. Not a month earlier she and the file clerk were in my office. She told the file clerk what she needed to do for the day, and the file clerk went off. "F this, F that, I'm not F'in this and that!!!" My mouth dropped! No disciplinary action whatsoever to the file clerk, yet she has the audacity to tell me not to talk to her like "that". I went back to my office and begged my boss to let me go home for the remainder of the day and he ignored me. I had previous problems with him because I felt that he was making "fat" jokes all the time. I had hear from coworkers that would ride in his car to lunch make reference to my car as the "fat" car. We both have SUV's. I emailed the VP of HR the next day, and he was out of town. Somehow, my boss got to him first(I have recently learned they are related) and I had to tell my side of the story infront of my manager and the HR guy. TOTALLY not fair as he apparently talked to the HR guy first, w/out me present and gave HIS side of the story.

    It felt good walking out the door, it wasn't worth it to work in an environment like that. People were shocked when I quit, my restaurant managers were beyond pissed. I wrote a letter of resignation to the VP of HR, explaining the circumstances and asked a copy be placed in my personnel file. I think that guy and the supervisor are no longer there, but I'm not sure why.
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  8. by   Jenny P
    Kayzee, it sounds like you have some good ideas for what you wish to do. Since you are coming from LTC, I would suggest that you do go into med/surg since the patient population would not be too much different from what you are used to; but you will care for a wide variety of illnesses and surgical procedures.

    I would strongly encourage you to have a list of questions about the job and also a list of expectations-- especially about the orientation and what the expectations are (theirs and yours).