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:idea:Hi! I have a question about Weekend Option. I am interested in a Med-Surg position offering weekend option, but I am wondering why salary is so much higher for this option. Basically i have... Read More

  1. by   suanna
    I've worked nights-WEO for about a year now. We are 36 for 24 but have a higher cost for benifits and less tuition reimb., less life ins. The hosp. I work for offers both Fri-Sat and Sat-Sun weekend positions. At least with the Fri-Sat opt. I still have a chance for activities with the kids on Sundays. It's also nice when the unit is short I can pick up a day or two in the week and still have a few days off together. Another bonus- the only holidays I work are the ones that fall on Fri or Sat. Be aware though that on the weekends you may have less support staff and rarely get a real lunch break since the hospital is notoriously short staffed on the weekends; but all in all it's worth it.
  2. by   Dolce
    You get paid more because you are working a less desirable shift. However, if you are okay with working weekends this might be a great option for you. Everyone loves someone who works weekends because it means they don't have to as much. Secondly, you don't have to be around the big chiefs as much. That is reason enough to work weekends. Thirdly, you get the whole rest of the week off. If you have family or a spouse who works during the week and then has the weekend off it could be a problem. But, if not, I think it sounds like a good option!
  3. by   RunnerRN
    I do 3pm-3am weekend option, and love it!! I am young, no kids yet, and have a hubby who works a lot of odd shifts too. We've actually been able to work it out so he works every weekend most of the time, and has a lot of the weekdays off. I don't plan on leaving this position for a long time!
    I've thought a lot as to why it works for me, and there are many reasons. First, the no kids thing. We only have 2 schedules to figure out. I don't think it works for people whose spouses work a traditional'd never see each other. I also socialize mostly with other nurses, so we work around each others' schedules to hang out. My parents own their own businesses and are very flexible in when we can see each other. My manager is incredibly flexible-I can work any hours between 3pm on Friday and 7am on Monday. I have several weddings this summer, so I will work Friday 3-3, off Sat, work Sun 3-3. No problem!! I pick up shifts during the week as I want to, and (here's the best part!) I make more working 2 shifts than I ever did working 3!!!
    You really just have to look at your family and priorities and decide if it will work for you
  4. by   ccusherry
    I work weekend option Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 hour nights. I really like it because I have been going for my BSN and working weekends has really allowed me to have flexibility with my classes. Now that I have graduated this spring, I have thought about switching my schedule but I have really grown to like the money that I earn doing weekends. I don't have kids of my own but am helping my s/o raise his kids who are 16 and 12 who live with us and a 5 year old who lives with his mom. There are sacrifices whatever schedule that you choose, you have to decide what it most important for you and your family. Good luck!!
  5. by   allantiques4me
    I work every weekend and have for six years.Including holidays if I want.I usually do.(time and a half)Im free all week long and I LOVE it,and wouldnt want it any other way.I do get compensated monitarily.I guess cause most other people want thier weekends off.At my place the work is actually easier on the weekends anyways.
  6. by   myrlpie
    I am on a weekend program. I work 24 and get paid for 36, but we have to pick up an extra day during the week to be considered full time. I work 10 hours on Friday and 12 Saturday and Sunday. Most of the time I work about every day for the overtime.:spin:
  7. by   DeLana_RN
    My husband works in the ICU every Fri-Sun (or Sat-Mon), 36 hrs for premium pay; however, he can only take two weekends off per year. This allows me to work acute dialysis PRN; I try to keep it to 2 shifts per week (no weekends, of course). This allows us to alternate staying with our 2-year-old twins (and therefore avoiding the expense of day care) and still have two weekdays off together.

    It works for now, but when the kids are older we'll have to reconsider. Some of dh's coworkers have school age children, however. The money can be hard to resist, especially since hospital RN pay in our area is so low I don't even want to mention it here Dh knows an RN couple who both work weekends - one days, the other nights (they are lucky to have grandparents watch their kids), which works out great for them.

    As for weekends being easier: this is definitely not true in the ICU, mainly because staffing is poorer on weekends.