Need some help from Ortho/ Neuro Nurses Please!

  1. Hello all! I will be doing my 4th semester clinical rotation in an ortho/neuro department. I wanted to ask you experienced ortho/neuro nurses- what conditions do you see a lot of in these areas? I want to try to brush up on some of the more common conditions during my summer break, so I will feel more prepared for the clinical rotation in the fall.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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  3. by   proudnurseRN
    Hello! Expect to see several fractures and joint replacements. Brush up on hip fx's and knee replacements. Also, we are non-monitored, so our neuro's come in the form of back surgeries, possible TIAs, and strokes that are stable.
  4. by   cb_rn
    Be up on your terms: abduction, adduction, extension, flexion, etc, etc

    Know your precautions for movement (ie what is a big no no for post op hips?)
    Know your facility's standards -- when can the post up knees get up? how long does the CPM stay on? what post op day does the foley come out? how many hours do you keep the heels off the bed? HINT a lot of the docs have a standard order sheet. Take a copy and learn it. Do they have a cheat sheet on what kind of dressings the doc likes? For ex, dont change Dr. X's post op for the first time - he will. Dr. Y expects you to have it done before he rounds on post op day 2, etc, etc.

    Know thy blood thinners. Heparin. Lovenox. Coumadin. the Labs INR, PT.
  5. by   GM2RN
    At one of the hospitals where I work they do a lot of lumbar laminectomies.
  6. by   MrazFan
    Thanks for the great input! I appreciate your help.
  7. by   chenoaspirit
    omg, you are going to have burnout! Enjoy your break so that when you go back, you will have a refreshed/rested mind and able to dive back in to studying. Give yourself a break and enjoy your summer off.