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  1. Hello, I know my post info only has me down for 1 but I have added this screen name just for this subject so anyone that may know my ex-wife or I do not find out about this. My ex-wife has just been dx with MS, I am a nurse as is she. I do not know much about it as from the nursing side. I have read about everything you can on the internet and started reading books. We are better friends now and have 3 wonderful children. I just need to know about how it progresses, how long or not people live with it! Especially things that can worsen it. Even though we are divorced we will work together on this for our children and her and I also. I have such a hard time looking at her now, it is like there is now a time bomb in her. I need help, advise, a shoulder, in the next month when this can become public knowledge I will post under my normal screen name. I would also love prayers from any out there that are religious or believe in God. Thank you.
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  3. by   Katnip
    Unfortunately, everyone progresses differently. Stress and disease can be triggers.

    My mother had it, but that was long before the new treatments. Back then it was prednisone and PT. That was it. She also had cardiac problems from rheumatic fever when she was a kid, so she wasn't typical by any means. Mom lived 27 years after her initial diagnosis.Only the last year was really difficult on her. Even though she had deteriorated slowly, and she had to slow down, she really didn't stop until half way through that last year.

    She had a friend that lived for 50 years after diagnosis and was never hit that hard by it. It just all depends on the individual.
    It's impossible to tell just how your ex-wife is going to progress. Different organs are affected at different rates by different people.
  4. by   southern rn
    hi, sorry to hear about your exwife's diagnosis. my twin sister (who is also an rn) was diagnosed with ms five years ago. it has been an up and down roller coaster. we both are pretty knowledgeable about ms and its treatments. first off if she doesn't have a good trustworthy neurologist-get one.someone she feels comfortable with as she will be dealing with that person the rest of her life. also she needs to start on one of the abc drugs (interferons) asap.the thing you need to rember about ms is it usually does not shorten the life span. she may never have much progression of the disease, ms is very unpredictable. she posts regularly on a message board for christians dealing with ms. i will try to post a link for you later. feel fee to pm me if you want and i will try to answer any questions you may have, and i will certainly pray for you and your wife.
  5. by   phoenixstar
    Thank you cyberkat and southern rn for your words. My ex and I are entering this thing together for our children and our sakes. It is scary not knowing what to expect. Her current episode seems to be subsiding and it is getting better. When she first recieved the dx we tought the worst which would be she would not be around to she our children grow up. We do understand it is still a posibility but there are people out there that have lived long lives, altered and changed yes, but able to be there. Your prayers are appreciated.
  6. by   southern rn
    your welcome. just remember this is not a death sentence. your exwife can and will still lead a happy productive life. it is very important that you educate yourselves as much as possible. here also is the address for the website i mentioned, you or her may find it helpful and comforting to hear from others living with the same illness. most of the people who post have ms but there are a few spouses who post as well. you would be very welcomed there.
  7. by   WyomingRN
    Have her check out

    If she can attend one of their seminars, it is well worth it.
  8. by   RN2Be
    I'm sorry about your situation. But like the others said, everyone is different. My mother was diagnosed when she was 20 years old and she is now 56. She had long periods of "remission" and then harder and harder bouts of exacerbations. However, she is still able to take care of herself and remain independent. She has the relapsing-remitting type. My cousin also has it and he became unable to care for himself within one year. For some unknown reason with this disease, even people with the same type of MS may have a different course.

    I would focus on a healthy diet, one that is high in fiber, veggies, fruits, and water because as time goes on, people with MS may begin to have bowel problems. I would also focus on seeing the "bright side" of things since people with MS tend to get worse symptoms after crises. I am no expert but maybe these suggestions will help you guys out some. God bless you guys and realize that many things that happen in your life serve to make you stronger.