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Currently I am working in the marketing field while volunteering in a hospital as an emergency room medical interpreter. I really want to be a nurse, and I am thinking to go back to school for it.... Read More

  1. by   eventsnyc
    First of all, I want to thank all of you who took your very valuable time to kindly answer my posts and to share with me your opinion and advice. Some of you even took time to email me. I feel very fortunate to be among such a wonderful, helpful and knowledgeable group of professionals when I begin a new career journey. You have impressed me. I cannot wait to put on a nurse's uniform and be called a nurse, a good nurse, to be one of you!

    My progress report: I have decided to become a nurse the fastest way: I have chosen to get my ADN at BMCC and to become a RN first. I will work to gain experience while I continue to study for my BSN and graduate degrees.

    I went to the open house at BMCC 2 days ago, admitted on the spot. Today I had registered for my pre clinical classes. 10 credits (chem110, Math for health sciences mat104, developmental psychology psy240). My classes will begin next Saturday. I am really looking forward to them.

    Everyone I dealt with at BMCC was extremely helpful and friendly. I still cannot believe my good fortune to be able to complete the the admission process a week prior to the start of the semester. At all the other schools I visited they told me I was late and could only be admitted in Fall. I was not expecting this! Just wish I have the books so I can begin reading this weekend...(school staff told me it's best to wait for the first day of the classes before getting the books

    I remember what my mother told me when I was little: "Nurses are Angels". I wish to share with you the respect she has for nurses.

    My job now is to work very hard for my pre clinicals. I need blessings from you all because it's been since high school I have not studied subjects such as chemisty & biology. Please pray for me. Thank you again!

    I wish you all the best!

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  2. by   chaseloff
    Hello there..
    I am a new grad from a BSN program and I would suggest doing a BSN program, but there are good reasons. My cousin just graduated from a ADN program and the ONLY differnce between our programs were 2 I repeat 2 classes!!!!!! A community course and a Management course that is all!!! Even though the pre-requisites may be a little different you are better off taking the BSN route. Generally, ADN's here where I am are not allowed to go into management positions because of the class in the BSN curriculum. What is 2 classes????
    ADN's are essentially the same as BSN's except for this matter.
  3. by   eventsnyc
    Hello Camille,

    You are right, the actual nursing classes are not that many more. But in my case, the pre reqs will take me a longer time. I have an AAS in business management w/ concentration marketing, a BA in poli sc. There are not many ways I can speed up the pre req process, I do not have many sc courses to help me out.

    Since right now I am more interested in the patient care then running a dept., a BSN or a higher degree (& the possibility of running a dept.)will always be good but not in a hurry. (I am running a business right now). I will get my BSN+ when I am a nurse. Promised


    1. After ADN, CUNY colleges (example: Hunter)that offer BSN programs will accept 24 of the nursing credits from a graduate with an ADN. That's not bad. I have fullfilled most of the distribution requirement for a bachelor degree already, so it will be faster for me to get my BSN then for the students with only an ADN. Not afraid to take more classes after becoming a RN

    2. I can go straight to the BSN+MSN program now to become a NP if I take MAT or GRE (example: Columbia U offers such a prgram for both RNs or non-RNs with a non-nursing BA already). But preparing for these exams and the usual BSN pre reqs will delay me right now. But this is a good option.

    3. The Admission office at Mt. St. Vincent said I will be able to take some nursing classes for a BSN while I am working on my pre reqs. This surely sounds attractive to me. But the school fees are about 5x more then that of a city college. This is purely a choice based on financial advantages, since I am not qualified for fin help. Of course, the pre req question is still not going away.

    Best wishes. E.

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  4. by   chaseloff
    In your case, I think you are making the right decision but let me act like mom for one minute..... "Don't just say you are going to go back to school later, do it!" Another thing is that you are absolutely right that the pre-reqs are different. I would not have done it any other way but I respect your decisions. You probably cannot be in school forever and be stable financially, which unfortuneately, is something that we all go through and sometimes makes our decisions for us. Best wishes to you!!!
  5. by   eventsnyc
    Hello Camille,

    I promise that I will not stop studying. It's very kind of you indeed to care I need all the encouragement & support I can get at this stage & later. I am the only person among my friends and people I know who had make a career change decision to become a nurse. Most of my friends said this is a strange decision: because nursing will not make me rich. I live in NYC where IT, banking, being a lawyer, doctor, CPA...etc. are the "in" professions. Oh well, they also did not understand why I had spent my monday evenings in the past 4 years volunteering in the ER neither...It's a lonely decision, but it's something I want to do. Thanks for the internet, I can be among the people who understand! Nurses are special people, most are motivated by something more then money. This is a miracle.

    I have my fears: how well will I do in school now, after I had left school for exactly 10 years? Will the tests that will qualify me for the clinical classes be difficult? Although I graduated cum laude, but I do not consider myself a sc type...I am going to work very hard, of course, do my best. To try to follow your footsteps.

  6. by   burger914
    I know exactly how you feel. I had the same questions. First ask yourself what you want to pursue in nursing? Floor nurse or management? Second, do you need to work while going to school? You'll need a flexible schedual if you do. At my community college we have a lot more clinical experience then the 4 year colleges in the state and a much better NCLEX passing rate. All these things should play into your decision. I work a the largest hospital in the state and they don't pay them any different,unless they take a higher position. We all start out the same! Good luck with which ever you choose!
  7. by   christy03
    I also have a question along those some lines. I'm trying to decide which program is right for me, the ADN or BSN. I am currently enrolled in the BSN program at UNCC where I am in the second semester of my freshman year. We have very large classes, and since I am use to small classes it is hard for me to learn in this atmosphere. I'm doing ok as far as grades go, but I don't feel I am getting what I should from these classes. I'm also very eager to go to work and really feel like I am accomplishing something. My question is would it be better for me to go through an ADN program or to stay where I am. For the future I am planning to get my BSN and since I already have one year of general classes down it should only take me one more year after the ADN program. I feel I could appreciate the general classes more and benefit from them more if I understood what they apply to.
    I would greatly appreciate any advice or opinions any of you may have. Thanks so much.
  8. by   Jenny P
    Just a little story to make you all think: I graduates from a diploma school of nursing 32 years ago and have been in some form of bedside nursing in ICU for the past 28 years. In all of that time, I kept making these lovely 5 year plans to get my BSN degree, and it has never happened because life got in the way-- first a family illness, then helping put my sister through school, then my husband through, then ADHD kids, etc. -you get the picture. I'm 52 now and am still trying to go back to school; because I was injured at work in mid December and am suddenly aware that I will not be able to continue this job (which I really love) until I retire; it's just a bit too physical these days for someone who is getting older and no longer in the best of shape. Get your BSN while you are young. I don't know if what I will earn as a BSN will equal the price I pay to get my BSN, but it is something that I have always wanted and now will finally get.
  9. by   hollykate
    For Christy,
    The actual nursing classes you will take as you enter the program will be much smaller (than the general ones)- so if you are enjoying yourself, stay put at UNCC (Chapel Hill or Charlotte?) Both programs are pretty good. I started general courses at a community college and the classes were just as big. If you have the time to get the BSN right away, go ahead and do it.