Need Help: Reciprocity between California and Arizona..

  1. My mom has been a registered nurse here in L.A. for about a year now, and our family is about to move to Arizona in couple of months.
    Does my mom need to take tests in Arizona in order to work there as a nurse?
    Thanks. Any reply would be highly appreciated!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    this is the link to the arizona board of nursing website. i could not find anything specifically related to reciprocity or endorsement of a nursing license from another state.

    this is a link to the website where the arizona nursing law can be viewed and read click on statutes and then this is the section of the law regarding this:

    32-1634. licensing out-of-state professional nurses

    a. the board may issue a license to practice professional nursing to an applicant who has been duly licensed or registered as a graduate, registered or professional nurse in another state or a territory of the united states if in the opinion of the board the applicant meets the qualifications required of a professional nurse in this state pursuant to sections 32-1632 and 32-1633.

    b. the board shall not issue a license to an applicant who has one or more felony convictions and who has not received an absolute discharge from the sentences for all felony convictions five or more years before the date of filing the application.

    it's all i could find on endorsement/reciprocity for out of state nurses. here is the contact information. your best bet is probably just to call them to find out the specific details of how to get a license in arizona by endorsement.

    arizona state board of nursing
    1651 e. morten ave.
    suite 210
    phoenix, az 85020

    office: (602) 889-5150
    fax: (602) 889-5155
  4. by   military spouse
    I just moved from AZ and can tell you that there is no reciprocity between CA and AZ; however, getting a temp AZ license is very quick...took about 1 week. She should apply for licensure by endorsement and should not have to take the NCLEX again.
  5. by   suzanne4
    NCLEX is only taken once, unless a license lapses for a long period of time.
    It is extremely easy to get a license in AZ. It is still a walk-thru state where she can get her temporary in just about 48 hours, if she needs one that quick.

    Just so that all of you know, if CA were to have been a Compact state, by moving from what is considered your permanent residence, the compact license becomes null and void and you would need to get a license in that new state. The Compact license is only good when you maintain your legal residence and do not change it to antoher state.
  6. by   j2rev
    thanks for all the replies evryone