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  1. Anyone have any thoughts to this question:

    Why do you think research findings are not used more often to guide professional practice?

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated -


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  3. by   canoehead
    Most nurses don't read research material/statistics, they are too busy, don't have the money to subscribe to magazines, don't have statistical knowledge and confidence to interpret results, hospital sponsered education doesn't cite research typically- info is just presented as a final conclusion, hospital libraries hold medical research journals, rarely nursing.

    Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.
  4. by   RNonsense
    Management just fired all our CRN's (Clinical Resourse Nurses) at our hospital last month due to "budget cuts". They were the ones who kept us all in check, did all the inservices, did all the yearly skill-testing...etc. etc .etc.
    Who knows what we'll do now!
  5. by   disher
    According to Funk, Champagne, Wiesss & Torquist (1991) Barriers to nurses using research findings in practice include the following
    1. Research reports / articles are not readily available
    2. Implications for practice are not made clear
    3. Statistical analyses are not understandable
    4. The research is not relevant to the nurse's practice
    5. The nurses is unaware of the research
    6. The nurse does not have time to read the research
    7. The facilities are inadequate for implementation
    8. The research has not been replicated
    9. The nurse feels the benefits of change in practice will be minimal
    10. The nurse is uncertain whether to believe the results of the research
    11. The research has methodological inadequacies
    12. The relevant literature is not compiled in one place
    13. The nurse does not feel she/he has enough authority to change patient care procedures
    14. The nurse feels results are not generalizable to own setting
    15. The nurse is isolated from knowledgeable colleagues with whom to discuss this research
    16. The nurse sees little benefit for self
    17. Research reports / articles are not published fast enough
    18. Physicians will not cooperate with implementation
    19. The nurses does not see the value of research for practice
    20. There is not documented need to change practice
    21. The conclusions drawn from the research are not justified
    22. The literature reports conflicting results
    23. The research is not reported clearly and readably
    24. Other staff are not supporting of implementation
    25. The nurse is unwilling to change / try new ideas
    26. The amount of research information is overwhelming
    27. The nurse does not feel capable of evaluating the quality of the research
    28. There is insufficient time on the job to implement new ideas
  6. by   psychonurse
    Looks like the last post pretty much covered everything that I can tell.

    I know that I just don't have time to read research journals and if I do I fall asleep cause I am too tired to make it through them.
  7. by   J. Tigana
    That citation is from 12 years ago. Nursing may have changed over the past 12 years and therefore the authors finding may be in question. Personally I would not use a reference that was over five years old, unless it was from a classic paper or book. Disher, please understand that I am not trying to insult or denigrade you in anyway. I'm just giving my opinion.
  8. by   PCav
    Thanks to all of your input! I actually find research interesting but it does get difficult to find the time and/or resources to utilize it in practice -

    Thanks again! Trish