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Could someone direct me to some websites to help me find employment. I just passed my nursing boards and was looking for sites that might have job listings as a whole instead of having to... Read More

  1. by   Lovely RN
  2. by   caliotter3
    Off your topic, but reading your post reminded me of a Dan (of course you know all Dans are memorable!) who said he went to school in Oregon. Got a misplaced phone call from an Oregon area code and wondered if he had moved to Oregon!
    Personally, am relocating to the land of headlights to taillights and plan to job hunt in person, mostly from leads I'm gathering from Figure can find or not find a job anywhere, soooo head on down the road!
    Suggest you also try Sunday eds of newspapers, even in Portland. That would be where you sometimes see the display ads for job fairs/announcements of openings for new grad orientations. New grad orientation recruitment ads usually appear in number twice yrly around graduation time. Local librarians should be able to help you with access to Portland newspapers.
  3. by   chuck1234
    Take a vacation first...then look for a job!
  4. by   caliotter3
    I've been on a vacation for 3 months myself. A job looks like a good idea, ya know how boring sleeping can get? And Dan wants to put that new license to some use! Oh, back to the days when I had four employers and was well employed! Ha Ha
  5. by   bellcollector
    You could always try the nursing programs in that area and find out if they have any suggestions. Also love type in just your city and you will get all job postings in a 25mile radius not just nursing jobs. Of course you can type in nursing and narrow it down it's just kind of cool to check out what other kinds of jobs are around that area. Good Luck