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  1. Hi everyone, my name is Shandy. Recently I have decided to pursue the nursing career. I have always enjoyed the TV shows about nursing but in reality it is nothing like that. Nothing ever is. But I do need some advice...I absolutly love newborns and would love to be an OB Nurse, but i know nothing of what they do except for what I've seen on TV and what I've heard. I have also tried to job shadow but where I went didn't offer it. I'm only 17 and will be 17 when i enter into nursing school. I'm really nervous but I know that i can do it. I will be attending Middle Tennesse State University's nursing program...and I don't know what to expect. So if any of you guys can inform me on any and everything that I should/need to know about nursing I would be extremly grateful. Another thing is...does anyone know the range of pay? Money isn't important to me but I don't even know an estimated guess.
    Thanks to everyone who responds,
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Welcome to you Shandy!!!! There is so much to cover here, I could write a book. I am an OB nurse; have been for 6 years now .Please feel free to PM me w/specific questions and I will do all I can to answer. Also, please feel free to browse the OB nursing area for present and past threads; many of your questions can be answered there. I wish you luck in your studies and that your dream of being an OB nurse is fulfilled! My best to you!
  4. by   JohnnyGage
    So... many... questions...

    They're good questions, and valid ones. I would suggest browsing boards here to see if you find the answers you're looking for. The problem is that there are so many facets to nursing that we couldn't possibly put them all into perspective.

    Maybe the University has an informational session for students interested in nursing? You could also try contacting the Tenessee state nursing association for printed information -- and sometimes state nursing associations have mentor nurses who will guide interested students.

    If OB is your big interest, try checking out the OB forum and start reading those posts... they might give you some realistic ideas of what nursing is like in that area.

    Good luck!
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    Ya know, this is the first time ever that I have seen someone online with the same name as me, spelled the same way! Is yours your real name or a nick name?
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    There is a forum on this BB called "ob-gyn nursing" where you might get more specific OB information.
    There is a forum on this BB called "student nursing" where you might get more specific student information.
    There is a web site where you might get more specific salary information.
  7. by   RNforLongTime
    Why don't you contact a local hospital and inquire about shadowing an OB nurse for a few hours? I'm sure that would help put things into a little bit more of a perspective for you. Good Luck with your education, we need all the new recruits we can get!