Need Advice - Losing my job!!

  1. Help! I am a new RN - graduated in May of 98. I started my job in
    Sept as full time nights(SURG floor), but had to cut back to part time
    b/c we lost our day care & I was getting NO sleep. I have had a total of
    6 months full time experience, 2 months part time, and my boss says if I don't
    come back to full time I will lose my job b/c I need a full year of full time
    experience in order to be valuable. I want to fight for my job! I love it, my
    coworkers value me, I am finally getting comfortable. My boss is only temporary...
    but she will fire me if I don't come back full time! What can I do???? Suggestions
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  3. by   nursePat
    I feel your pain. As a new grad it's esp. difficult during that first year post grad. My first thought is where is your husband. If you're working nights, there should be time when you can get some sleep and he can take care of the child(ren). That's worked in my family for 14 years.

    Secondly, you may want to talk with the temp. supervisor and make sure she understands how valued a member of the team you are. Try to understand her position, whatever that may be, and offer to assist some how. He/she is probably worried about trying to find another PT employee. If necessary, get letters of reference from your coworkes and your shift supervisor.

    Then when all else fails, go to the next level of management to fight for your job.

    Good luck

  4. by   ceecee
    First of all, I don't know where you are from, but unless there is REASON for firing, incompetance, unreliability etc, I do not believe you can be fired. They agreed to the part-time status change, correct? I agree with the first post, speak with your supervisor then go above if needed. Good luck. Cecilia
  5. by   barb o
    ceecee, depending on the state you live in, your employer can fire you for any reason they choose, including significant things like how old you are, how big you are, what kind of clothes you wear. They are, of course, not going to tell you that there is a difference of opinion. They will come up with some bland, generic reason. It is up to you, as the employee to prove that you were fired for unjust cause. Do you have the time and money to fight for your job? If you are unionized, it may be more difficult to get yourself fired, but it can still happen. Don't kid yourself!
  6. by   nurseyperson
    What do they mean you need a full year of full time experience to be valuable? You are valuable just as you are! I agree with all the other posts, speak with whoever is above your temporary supervisor. Explain your situation and ask them to try to help you. With the shortage of nurses, I cannot believe they would fire you because you can't go full time.
    States that can fire you for any reason are called "At Will states" (I believe). You can be fired for any reason, isn't that terrible?
    I am sure there are many things that affect your situation. Any chance you can find another good day care? Anyone to help you out at all? What about 12 hour shifts and someone to watch your child just those 3 days a week? Is there a significant other that can help? Good luck!
  7. by   CEN35

    Firing for any reason? I doubt it. Someone posted, that you can be fired for the clothes you wear, etc. That would be called discrimination, which is against the law in any state. As far as time or money, to fight for your job? Any lawyer would pick a case up like this in a heartbeat. They make money off the win, just like you would.

    Anyhow, back to the initial question.

    #1 - Unless you do something grossly incompetent, like: disregard for pt safety, giving meds without an order, or errors of ommision and commision, etc. The immediate supervisor rarely has the power ti fire or hire.
    In our hospital, which is joined with one of the countries #1 hospitals, you can only be fired by your director, and usually with a blessing from Human Resources.

    #2 - It does not make any sense for your supervisor to say, whet he(she) did. Currently it is much harder to get part time positions filled then full time. Everybody wants full time, those positions go in a heart beat.

    #3 - All hospitals have policies, regarding these situations. Check out your Human Resources dept., as well as your hospital policy manuel. Do it now, don't wait until the situation occurs. This essentially falls under the catagory, of blackmail, which is also against the law.

    #4 - Get proof of the alleged statement by your supervisor. Make sure you can back your statement, so that it is nopt your word against theirs.

    Last - six months of experience at full time, is significant. Don't pay any attention to the lines your supervisor feeds you.

    Any other questions, post them.

  8. by   tina34
    In Indiana you can be terminated for any reason as we are an at will State. Even though they may have agreed to the part-time status did you get a contract? an agreement? that protects that status?

    Unfortunately, in our State they can basically state they are firing you for your inability to cover the shifts requested. This is legal in Indiana (maybe not too ethical). I worked on many cases against a former employer (very large hospital) in Indianapolis. The supervisor would fire them because they refused a shift...patient abandonment was threatened but not used. The hospital won with the State Labor Relations Board by stating the nurse was unavailable to cover shifts that the hospital needed her to cover. She is a great nurse and had a similar situation but in an at will state it is quite a bit easier to terminate.

    I agree that you need to speak with the temp. supervisor and then take it to the Administrator or Vice President of Patient Care Services if you are unsuccesful with him/her.

    Best of success in your future nursing career.
  9. by   Ahn
    Becca IS correct. Employment-at-will states allow termination of an employee for NO REASON AT ALL! Check out your employment agreement [orientation package?]. More states are following this trend. Unions have NO power either unless they can completely shut-down a hospital system.

    Family? Friends? Co-workers? Daycare co-ops?
    Play school? Are you elegible for state aided child care? Different shift?

    Good Luck, I was in your shoes five years ago. Try agency nursing and pick your own schedule. Pick-up experience in Continuing Ed classes.

    Keeping the Faith
  10. by   pdxrn
    I don't know about "at will" States since Oregon and Washington are mostly unionized. Is there only one hospital in your city? Go find another job. There is a nursing shortage in the US now. Agencies are crying for nurses. I realize you only have 6 months experience but even if you have to do long term care for a while, you should be able to find something.Good luck.
  11. by   bluesboyj
    I urge to think carefully about whatever you decide to do. Courts have ruled in the past that nurses and hospitals have an "at will" relationship which basically means you can quit without a reason and you can be fired for any reason.

    If Ya' Don't Love The Blues, Ya' Got A Hole In Your Soul
  12. by   Margy
    Hi all... writing from Australia and it seems that we have a better deal in the hiring and firing stakes!!
    Staff here cannot be fired for no reason and need warnings and counselling etc prior to this final step.
    Redundancies are rare and are compensated financially, comensurate with your years of service.
    Dont forget your professional indemnity insurance!!
  13. by   Mystic32
    Hello-- I understand the problem, You might consider Homecare its a growing field and its good exp. There are alot of new homecare companies out there looking for help, and the hours and pay are flexable.

  14. by   J Hannah
    Becca - you may not even be checking the BB since your posting was the 20th and today is the 28th, but I hope you see this.

    I have 30 yrs experience as an RN but no matter how long any of us have been practicing no one has ever forgotten that first yr out of school. You may not have a world of experience but you "are a professional", "You earned your RN". No one just gave it to you. Unfortunately your supervisor is not doing her/his job well. It's clear the supervisor is getting the shifts covered by any means possible even at the price you are paying. You are not knowledgeable of your state issues or law on employment and you need to arm yourself with knowledge. Ignorance and destroying your self esteem are too wicked tools far too often used. Maintain your self esteem and get the knowledge. I have yet to find a job that is worth compromising my values for, or allow it to take away my self esteem. Knowledge is power, so empower yourself. Fear is the worst bed fellow a nurse can take into her heart. You have gained more in the six month experience you now possess than you would loose if you moved on to another job. I have hired many nurses and tell you from the heart that you found a job with "no" experience, why doubt your worth now, when you have a solid six months under your belt??? It is sad but nurses are their own worst enemies. An employer than would hire, invest training, time and tools in a new grad then allow a poor quality supervisor do what is being done here is not an employer you need to work for. There is a saying that my husband frequently quotes to me: "Everything that happens to me, happens for the better." You mentioned that you had become "comfortable". Remember it is OK to be comfortable but it's never a reason to hang on by your fingernails. It's OK to coast, as long as you remember the direction you are traveling in when you coast(downhill). This situation will pass and you will be the one the better for what you have learned.
    Best Wishes: J Hannah