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  1. Q.A 40 pound Client is to receive Monistat 20 mg/kg IV in 4 divided doses. The Monistat comes in vials containing 200g/20mL. How much solution should be in each dose? the book says 9.1 but I think they made a mistake in thier conversion which looks like this in the back.

    A.Client weights 18.18 kg X 20mg=363.6 total mg/4 doses= 90.9 mg per dose.
    200/20=90.9/x=200x=1818 or x= 9.09 rouonded to 9.1 mL per dose.
    ?How did they get this answer and cause you would have to convert mg to g wouldn't you? I am studying for my NCLEX-RN thanks for your help
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    It seems to me they made a typo... It should be 200 mg/ 20 mL instead of 200grams which would be an ENORMOUS amount of drug!!! If you use 200mg/20 mL the answer comes out to 9.1 mL per dose.

  4. by   Djuna
    200g = 200000mgs so 200000mgs/20mls doesn't convert to 9.1mls for the volume. I agree, it looks like a typo. I wonder if you would get the answer wrong if you made the assumption the 200g should have read 200mgs?
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  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Dejuna she is asking because the question stated 200 GRAMS/20 mL and not mg....

  6. by   prettybaby
    Thanks for the help. I thought it was a typo in the book just making sure.
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    I am male nurse from india preparing for NCLEX i want help
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    Oops, I missed the typo. Sorry.
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    Quote from satya_free
    I am male nurse from india preparing for NCLEX i want help
    Check out the NCLEX forum and the international forum

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    do you know where can I find my CA NCLEX result aside from email. I took the exam last January 3. Can there be any other way I can see or know my exam result?
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