NCLEX review class or just go for it? - page 2

Hi all - I'm graduating in 4 weeks and I'm thinking of skipping the $400.00 review course and just taking the boards. Has anyone passed without taking the class? Anyone failed the first time, then... Read More

  1. by   MelissaCT
    My friend had her first review class today as well.
    She said it was pharmacology all day.
    Hers is all this week, mine starts Sunday and it is every Sunday in June.
    I will pick July for my test date...

    Oh to all of you taking the NCLEX, there is a test online that is in CAT format, and it predicts how well you will do on NCLEX.
    I stopped at 75 questions, and it said I had a 99.9 percent chance of passing NCLEX.

    I then went on to 150 questions to get a better idea of how I would do. After the rest of the questions, it said the same thing.
  2. by   MollyJ
    As students (over 24 years ago) we took NLN's throughout our course of study, so we knew how we were performing against national standards. I knew that my lowest area was psych and so I concentrated my efforts there. There was no such thing as a review course, so it was a different world.

    If my standardized test scores were high, i wouldn't take a review course. If they were low or marginal, I would.