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What the heck is an "easy" question on the NCLEX? According to the NCLEX writers, if you pass 50% of only the "easy" questions, you fail after 75 questions. If you pass 50% of the "harder" questions,... Read More

  1. by   Rapheal
    Yikes!!!!!!!! NCLEX is a monster. All my fellow classmates thought they failed (me included). I had no idea what some of those questions meant. But we all passed.

    Let us know how you did. I am so excited for you. All that hard work in nursing school is going to pay off for you now.
  2. by   nialloh
    I haven't met anyone who didn't think they failed, and most of the people I know passed. It is one of the hardest experences you willhave, and you did it. You finished. I'll bet you did fine. Good luck, and do let us know how you got on.
  3. by   glow_worm
    Everyone on this bulletin board is awesome! Thank you so much for the support.

    I realize that most people leave the test thinking that they failed, but it is still AGONY. Yesterday (after the test) I wasted so much time going over some of the questions in my head, trying to find the right answers in my books -- how silly, for the test is now over and the results are fixed! Now I have FOUR WEEKS to wait for results -- even though the computer knows right away if I've passed or failed, the NC Board of Nursing has to mail the results to our homes (we're prohibited from viewing the results on-line).

    I feel so much pressure because my mom is a nurse, and I want her to be proud of me. Additionally, I need a job and want to start my career! And, I don't ever want to go through this NCLEX thing again. The test seems so unfair and out in left field, and I don't really understand how 75 questions can really gauge my capability or "safety" as a nurse! In fact, I wish that it had been a much longer, in-depth test!

    OK, I'll stop griping now. Thanks for letting me unleash this tirade. Good luck to all the other grads who took this stupid exam -- we're in this together! We'll all make it, either sooner or later...

  4. by   kimmicoobug
    Hey Glow_Worm. I just took my boards TODAY! and I know exactly how you feel. I have always tested very well in school and I left feeling that I, for sure, answered about 5 right. I hope that critical thinking and common sense really kicked in today for me. Mine was also 75 questions. I used Kaplan, Saunders, and Mosby's and felt those were easy compared to these. I would also like to know what constitues an easy question. There were a few that were easier, but for the most part all were hard. Well good luck to you. Waiting sucks, doesn't it.
  5. by   P_RN
    Best of luck. I'm sure you did fine.

    Me being another oldie 2 days/5 tests/waited 6 weeks (actually only 3 cause I was a summer graduate).
  6. by   glow_worm
    xantha31669 AND kimmicoobug...

    let me know how you do!! I've been checking the board of nursing site for my new licensure number (*please show up, please show up, please, please god!*)...

    let's all come back to this board and announce the results... good luck to you both! my fingers are crossed for us all.
  7. by   palesarah
    Originally posted by glow_worm
    Some of the questions were impossibly difficult (ex. name a single side effect for one of the injectible antipsychotic drugs used to treat schizophrenia -- it was a drug I've never heard before, in classes, clinicals, or working on a psych unit).
    OMG, I got that question! I took the boards on 6/11, 5 days before my new grad nurse internship program began. I have always been a good tester and felt pretty comfortable & prepared going in.

    I got a barrage of absurd questions, including that oddball pysch drug one (do you remember the name of the drug?). When the computer shut off at 75 questions (45 minutes), I sat in stunned silence. Left sick to my stomach, convinced I had failed. Started wondering how I'd break it to my father, an RN who passed the boards 3 years ago on his first try at 77 questions and has been so proud to have another daughter going through the ADN program he & my sister went through.

    Happy to say I passed and just finished my fourth week orienting to my very first nursing job!

    ~*~*~*Happy thoughts and warm wishes to you!*~*~*~

    I'll be coming back to check how you did!
  8. by   Soon2BNP
    I took my boards 3 days ago and feel more worried now than I did before I took the test. The machine shut off at 75 and for some reason when I was in the 60s I felt that it would. Some of the questions I got I felt were hard but then I would get about 2 after each hard question that were so easy. I felt I was up and down the whole time.

    I also got some absolutely random questions that were never expected. One about Buddist Dying Rituals, the other was if someone was allergic to Sudafed which HERB (yes I said herb) would you not give them. The answer was Ma Huang-honestly I never learned this from studying, school, or Kaplan-I learned that from tv. I kept thinking-are there the "hard" questions? I was expecting stuff about lab values, acidosis, chest tubes-I maybe got one of each of these questions. The only other med question I got was about Epogen (not dig, anticonvulsants, or bronchodilators).

    I don't know what to think.
  9. by   xantha31669

    They must like the dying ritual thing because I got one about Jewish Orthodox dying issues and the one thing I could remember was not one of the answers!!

  10. by   Jon's sis
    Hey glow_worm,
    did you call the number that the NCBON website says has more recent updates? I took my test on a Tuesday(in June) and by Friday was able to call the number and they at least could tell you whether you passed. you had to have a push button phone to key in your SSN and stuff. Not your new license number, but if they could find your name, you were good to go. Try that, maybe.
  11. by   Jon's sis
    Sorry, my location says Ohio, now--but I DID take the NCLEX in NC!
  12. by   nurselopez
    Hi, I agree. I think you passed with flying colors. Yes it is VERY difficult, but you seriously studied, and you used your critical thinking skills. You are not supposed to know all the answers - you just need to know where to find them (I mean in real life, not the NCLEX ) So.. you used your critical thinking skills, and remembered your ABCs and remebered to proritized ex: someone that had surgery today over someone that had surgery last week. Anyway, congratulations with getting that out of the way. It feels soooooooooo good not to have studying always in the back of your mind. Now, enjoy life and enjoy nursing!
    You should be able to find out your results sooner online. I found out online about 2-3 weeks before I received confirmation in the mail.
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  13. by   glow_worm

    And just can't believe it. This is awesome.
    I called the nursing board to check for a license number -- it announced my RN status after entering a social security number. I had to listen to it a few times just to make sure it was real!

    To all of you who are scared to death of this NCLEX..... I thought I had failed that test big time. I did not leave feeling confident. The test is structured so that everyone who leaves that darned thing feels like a failure. There is absolutely no way to determine how you did. You just have to wait for the results. I know for a fact that I missed several of the questions. I rarely felt like I absolutely had the "correct" answer for a problem. That test was horrible.

    So don't despair or over-analyze any of it, like I did -- it caused so much grief! Just let it go, stay calm, breathe deeply....