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:confused: the computer shuts off at 75, i stare blankly at the screen for several minutes, did i pass or did i fail, heaven only knows, any helpful hints before the wait kills me? :(... Read More

  1. by   Y2KRN
    Congradulations Altern8 RN. Way to go welcome to the profession!! Good-luck to Janine3&5 we will be looking to hear how you did. Enjoy yourselfs a little!!!!
  2. by   burger914
    Does any one out there know of any one that failed with 75 questions?I know I shouldn't be asking this...It's probably going to make me even more nervous because I also shut of at 75! I just need to know!
  3. by   Cardiolo
    CONGRATULATIONS ALTERN8!!!!!!!!!!! Best wishes on your new career!!!!!

    kellyjrn, shavsha and janine 3&5, we are praying and rooting for you!!!!!
  4. by   RNLauraZ
    Congratulations altern8!!!

    Burger914: Try not to worry. I personally know of 6 people whose computer shut off at 75 questions (myself included), and passed. With the other ones listed just within this thread itself, the odds are with you. I haven't heard of anyone failing with 75 questions.
  5. by   kellyjrn
    CONGRATULATIONS Altern8!!!! Woo Hoo for you! I still haven't heard...Monday will make it 2 weeks. I went to the State Board Website and it doesn't list new licenses issued anywhere...and so...I wait...
  6. by   altern8
    the way my luck goes (Murphys law) i would be the one that got shut off at 75 and failed. That seems to be the thing lately. Well, now i have a license, i find myself scared that i am NOW legally responsible for the life of others! AAACCKKKK! But i want to thank you all for your kind words, i guess it is a learned response that i freaked out, all those years of college for one last test.
  7. by   cwood2b

    I too got 75 questions when I took the exam last Monday. I was totally freaked out and spent the week very upset. I had convinced myself I had failed. I called the 1-900# and got my results on Friday and "unofficially" I had passed! Good luck and congratulations to all.