NCLEX b4 graduation?

  1. I am a senior nursing student in a BSN program. I am currently in Adv. Med/Surg and am thinking of taking the NCLEX in January (before I graduate). I will be part time in January with 6 units of community health left to finish ... so where's the question ??? LOL

    Should I sit for the NCLEX after Adv. Med/Surg and get a non-graduate RN license, or wait and take it after I finish community health (obtain my degree)?

    I've been reading that if you wait 5+ months to take it (after adv. med/surg) that you are more likely to not pass the first time.

    Also read that some states may not accept your license if it reads non-graduate, but if I can prove that I've graduated would that really make a difference?

    Advice is appreciated.

    Blessings, Misty :typing
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I do not know what state you live in (perhaps CA?), but I can tell you that I got caught up in this (in CA) and I recommend that you just wait until you graduate to avoid the problems. Several of my classmantes had their paperwork endorsed by my school and were alllowed to test, however, I have been denied the same privilege although I fall under the same criteria. I do not have the money to sue my school for discrimination and it has now been almost 15 years. It makes me unmanageably enraged. I can not even get an appointment to talk with school officials about the problem. Just go through to the end and graduate like everyone else. The only reason you need the license early is if you really, really, really, need to work or your present job is pressuring you to write RN after your signature. Believe me, it is not worth the aggravation.
  4. by   Tweety
    I would wait. It's far fetched but there was a case of a person here who passed NCLEX, didn't finish school, worked as an RN in California for 10 years and her husband was transferred to Tenn. and she couldn't work as a nurse in Tenn. Most other states require a college degree prior to taking NCLEX.

    Plus, you'll have more time to study when you graduate school. Why stress yourself out like that? I'm not sure of the stats you've heard about being less likely to pass, but you certainly don't have to wait five months do you? A month or two of relaxed study should do you fine.

    On the other hand, it puts you in the workforce making the money quicker.

    Good luck and welcome to the site.
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  5. by   HM2VikingRN
    Just finish school