NC Nurse Legislation March 17th, 2005 - page 2

On March 17th, House Bill 783 and Senate Bill 662 will be introduced for Medication Administration/Unlicensed Personnel. This will be a 24 hour class so these people can pass meds under the... Read More

  1. by   begalli
    Quote from M&MRN2005
    I am sorry if you think I stepped over the line.
    I don't think the moderator's post was referring to you M&M. If I'm not mistaken there was another post, when you first started this thread, that is now gone.

    Apparently nurses in Texas like the CMA idea:

    The nursing home administrator had fired med-aides and gave the responsibility to hand out medicines solely to nurses. The nurses quit and the nursing home had to close.

    I personally would not be comfortable at all with med aides.
  2. by   HyperRNRachel
    We allow aides to do V/S and now nothing much is thought of it. Next, aids and techs could possibly be allowed to pass medications, and after a while, as with V/S, nothing much will be thought of it. Then what? Assessments? Slowly the nurses' role will be reduced to bowel and bladder tasks and techs and aids will be performing nursing duties. It may seem acceptable, it may seem insignificant, but in reality it is a small step in the elimination of the nurses' role. As nurses everyone has worked to validate the need for our role in providing care and if we allow even a small portion to be taken away then we might as well supply the coffin, hammer, and nails!

    And a 24 hours course......that is laughable!
  3. by   sleepless in norman
    Well, yet another state to stay clear of, North Corolina,hmmmm. 's with wolves