Navy Nursing Candidate Program

  1. hello everyone! well i'm new here. How is everybody doing? Anyways I'm thinking about applying to the Navy Nursing Program and was wondering if anyone went through it as well. i just want to hear your experiences and how you are doing now....
    thank you
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  3. by   HM2VikingRN
    I would do it. (Too old now :<<) As an HM I saw some of the best nurses in the world at work. Its an excellent program. Ingeleins daughter is a Navy Nurse.
  4. by   puggymae
    If I had my life/career to do over again I would do this also.
  5. by   saltwaterstat
    I agree..if I had it all over to do again...this would be one of my top career paths... son...just joined. ;-< ;-> emotional mom, but very proud of him!!! and our USA!!!!! ps..I just love the ocean. what a great way to learn!
  6. by   MajorAl
    I agree with "Doc" Viking. I started my nursing career 40 years ago as a HM (8404) and ended up retiring from the USAR as a nurse. The best nurses in the world are serving in our military, of course I'm prejudiced but I don't care. Besides, do you want to end up with a BSN and 40K in student loans? I didn't think so. Go for it and good luck.
  7. by   aimzq
    thank you all so much i plan to next year, sadly i have failed one of my classes so now i'm looking for an online course.
  8. by   Ms Kylee
    If I could erase 25 years and go back, I'd join up in a heartbeat. As it was, I got talked out of doing this because my dad was sick. I should have gone, and I'll always regret not serving.
  9. by   saltwaterstat
    awww kylee... ;-< you probly did the right thing at the right time, but I hear you loud and clear.. think they'd take us now?? just kiddin. I'd join in a heartbeat too!!!
  10. by   Ms Kylee
    I'm sure I did do the right thing at the time because nobody knew if Dad would survive the stroke. But he did, came back very well, just a little hemiparesis and a loss of the long term memory, but he could take care of himself and he had a good 21 more years before he died from the meningitis (of all things!) last year.

    I did call a Navy recruiter when I started LPN school, and he said they don't take anyone over 40 unless they had prior militiary experience. I was hoping they would have eased the age rules since there is a nursing shortage (or so I keep hearing) and we are at war, but nope...

    Annie... think the Air Force will take us?
  11. by   Sadie82
    hi aimz, i've just now been sworn into the navy nurse candidate program, it was annoying to go through all the applications and medical exams, but worth it, i hope! just keep on top of all your paperwork, they lost, shredded, misplaced, or just messed up mine about 50 times (slight exaggeration, but not by much), so just keep a file of everything that they give you and you fill out, so when your recruiter calls you yet again to tell you that you need to refax a form, well, there it is. and if you can, try and go on a recruiting trip before you apply, they're lots of fun!