My turn......paycheck problems

  1. Without going into detail, I've been on administrative leave for several weeks. I was told by both the HR director and my NM at the time that it would be paid, and the check I received after it started was a full check. Today I checked my bank account and there's no direct deposit. Called Payroll, no hours were submitted for me. Called my NM, left a message. Called the department, the NM is not in today!!!! Called my union rep, she's gone for the day. It's 1600 on Friday afternoon. The assistant NM is putting in a call to the NM to try to figure out what happened so I'm waiting for a callback, but nothing's going to be fixed before Monday.

    UPDATE: Just got a callback, the ANM was able to reach the NM and she just messed up and forgot to submit the hours. She'll be able to fix it on Monday.
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  3. by   mercyteapot

    I hope this gets straightened out soon. Once my employer, a huge university, didn't direct deposit my paycheck and told me I had to wait 6 days for them to issue an ''emergency'' check. They call 6 days an emergency response??? Luckily for me, our grant administrator approved a fictitious training for which I was given an advance and then I just had to pay it back.

    Editing to add that, in this state at least, I was told that they would be held responsible if I bounced any checks or such as a result of their little boo boo.
  4. by   nuangel1
    i am sorry tazz i hope it gets resolved quickly for you.
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    great..glad to hear they came through for you . nothing like the green stuff