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He finally came out and said it... Over the years we have been together he has watched me wreck my body (floor work), work to many hours (salary) and be screwed over & treated like crap (middle... Read More

  1. by   llg
    Some of you might be interested in a book I've been looking at lately. It's called "Where Do I Go From Here? Exploring YOur Career Alternatives Within and Beyond Clinical Nursing" and it was written by Betty Hafner. It's a 2002 book by Lippincott.

    I haven't scrutinized and/or nit-picked it yet, but on first glance, it seems like a pretty good book on looking at career options for nurses -- options that are both inside nursing and outside.

    No, I don't know the auther, make any money from the sale of the book, or anything like that. I just happened to find it in the library this morning and decided to check it out.

  2. by   Agnus
    There is the federal family medical leave act on your side. I think.
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  3. by   mattsmom81
    Kids r fun, after you are feeling better you may want to consider options as stated above. Find out what you LIKE about nursing, what 'floats your boat' and go from there.

    My personal 'boat floater' is agency staffing where I at least have some control. or as others have stated, you may enjoy being self employed.

    Best wishes always!