My grandma's opinion of nurses made me so happy!

  1. The other day, I spoke to my Japanese grandmother. She told me that out of all my siblings, I have the best, most prestigious job, and told me how wonderful it was that I chose to become a nurse. That made me soooo happy. All my siblings have gotten into fancy schools (University of Chicago, Harvey Mudd, etc) on big fat scholarships. I had severe issues as a teen and was only able to graduate high school on time by taking weekend classes. I did fine once I got into college, but it took me a while to choose a major. I'm currently at a community college's ADN program (I'm not bashing the program or the degree, it just kinda pales to my siblings' borderline Ivy League schools), but my grandmother nonetheless sees me as having the highest-ranking job. Her sister-in-law was an L&D nurse for 30 years, so my grandma knows what nursing is all about.

    I'm elated!
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  3. by   jill48
    Your very lucky to have such a wonderful grandma. I wish I had one like that, or even just half that nice.
  4. by   TazziRN
    What makes it even more special is that Asians don't give praise like that unless it's really deserved!
  5. by   lovejana22

    i am happy for you. my grandmother as well as also been praising me for going into nursing. (i am currently in school) but every time i talk to her she always says something nice about it and how happy she is for me. what makes me so thankful is we have never gotten along, i to had some troubles in school got married right out of high school and had my kids. now i am in school she calls every day and "brags" on me to her friends. i sometimes feel like a little girl i get so happy. :spin:
  6. by   crissrn27
    My son (9y/o) had an interesting theory about how nurses should be paid. Basically if all your pts are alive at the end of the shift you should be paid 100$ per pt. If they are all in pretty good shape, you should get a bonus. So I asked him, so the bad nurses wouldn't make much then, right? His reply........all nurses are good, so they all would make lots of money. Tickled me and seemed to fit here. We are appreciated by some......wo hooo!
  7. by   Selke
    PeachPie, please give your Grandma a huge hug for me! I miss my grandmas ...

    crissrn27, please give that son of yours a special treat for me.

    This kind of positive support is priceless.

    You all made my day. Thank you!